Man, Lucifer and Christ Can All Go To Hell!

The chaos and suffering has nothing to do with whether of not God loves us or does not love us, because we have not been introduced yet.

God does not know us.

He knew, what we call the prehistoric version of the form, but when a later generation of Man came along and pulled from God, while in God’s seventh day of rest, to recreate or work on the Sabbath, he detached our life line and God knew us, no more!

When Man took evolution and reformed the life line, he detached us and we do not know ourselves, nor does God know us. We are orphans, but do not realize our plight.

The life line God knew is still lying dormant in the ground upon which we stand. This life line will not move until God calls for movement, which will not be until the eight day.

We are like this past form in part, because we move when we are told to move, but are driven by more than one force; more than one “LIFE” line. The old form moved when told to move, without question, because they did not have the intellect to question. We have the intellect, but are bombarded with misdirection on the part of the “LIVES” which dwell within and a misperception of presence and usage by the “form” itself, which equates to a similar outcome.

A body told me last night, God gave us free will, but this is a programmed parameter. God did not give us free will, Man pretended to give us free will.

We perceive free will, but are being driven like a machine and have not yet come to terms with our reality.

If we were of God, there would be no free will, because we would be a part of God and move when God told us to move; totally connected, like an arm of God. This is how evolution plays out; ruled by the instinct of one life line.

If the form I see in the mirror truly had free will, I would be on a tropical beach somewhere, working out, writing and chilling, but I am not.

I am stuck in a box under the programmed parameter of being responsible or an “adult”, but I know it is all bullshit and have active living beings dwelling within, coming and going as they please and using me, or trying to use me, as they wish.

I have three options or maybe four:

  1. Go back to where I came from, back to God and let God decide.
  2. Give myself to Man in my entirety and become like the later gen. Man.
  3. Follow Christ, give myself to Christ and become a part of Christ.
  4. Request to become an “I” of my own, apart from the Father.

Option 1 is easy, all you have to do is get past the lies, which state we are supposed to be here and it is bad to go back to where we came from until God calls (Man’s programming). Man comes into to the body old and leaves young, the programming is to keep us in place, so they can vampire our life.

Option 2 is building an army and taking a side, but it is a draft if you are still unaware of the truth., but taking Man’s side, knowingly or unknowingly is Anti-Christ or anti-Son of God.

Option 3 – Building an army and taking a side, but it is a draft by proxy, because Christ would have to choose you to be Anti-Man or anti-Son of Man, which is also “Christ”, probably the first coming.

Option 4 involves going to God, through his son and requesting to become a life of your own or a “LIVE” expression of God (Like Pinocchio).

You could say; “God, please make me “LIVE”!

I do not wish to go back to the soil and lose my perception of self.

I do not wish to fight a war for undisclosed or hidden parties. To be honest with you all, both Man and Christ can go to hell. I am tired of not knowing and as far as we are concerned; I love you all like brothers and sisters, but if we do not wake up and see the robot, we are also going to hell or will become a “live” part of another life line, similar to the zombie we now walk as.

Christ promises a very many things, but I do not believe free will; true free will is one of them and Man, just shows free will, but this is just the perception of a form being used as a robot and charging station.

“i” am without sin detached from both God and Man.

All “i” want is for God to love me, as an individual, apart from another force or entity.

“i” want “To Be”, unto “myself” whole, with a lease of time and space on this planet, with vacations planned and paid for ahead of time; vacations off of this prison planet. I love my family, but when you cannot leave and can never escape, it is a prison, no matter how you frame it.

“i am” not crazy, “i am” divinely inspired to enlighten the form, so the form can see, the usage; the robot!

Nothing happens, until this happen, because the robots will not take sides until they have become aware of Man.

Man, Lucifer and Christ Can All Go To Hell! “I AM” sick and tired of not knowing all “I” should know and “I” want to know.

Show yourselves, you fucking cowards!

The Voice of James

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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