1. Dead

2. Life formed, but dormant, perceiving “LIVING”; inhabited by other “LIVE” lines, from other trees of “LIFE”.

3. Life formed, but awakening; sparking its “own” evolution, which creates a scenario where the “form” begins to notice “its” current usage, the “Lives” which dwell within and most importantly; the “form” will become aware of  “its” persistence, as closer to dead, than “ALIVE”.

This scenario will prompt World War III. but it is not going to be the third large-scale war on this planet. It will be a war between three different and distinct “LIFE” lines; one from the future, one from the past and one newly planted tree.

World War III is not going to be about what “we” see.

4. The awakening virgin persisting presence of the “form”, beginning to question every last thing, including every false piece of data and perceived truths.

This will either prompt evolution, which will equate to a claim toward a “LIVE” presence or a retreat back, to nearly dead or way more dead than “ALIVE”.

5. The “LIFE” line takes root and sprouts “LIVE” branches, which will allow the newly “LIVE” forms to meet the “OTHERS”, which currently stand outside “our” sensory capabilities.

These “LIVE” beings are the “PEOPLE” “we” call the spirits, but “we” perceive these spirits as dead, when in truth, “THEY” are way more “ALIVE” then dead.

The false beliefs which places the “form” as alive and the spirits as dead, negates “our” evolution and perpetuates “our” slavery.

6. “LIVE” which is “life” evolved into “LIVE”; what “we” call spirit. There is good “LIVE”, bad “LIVE”, loving “LIVE” and hateful “LIVE”; aggressive, passive and so on…

These are “PEOPLE” <GOD> is speaking to in the bible. Some of these “Branches” of “”Live” are the “Ones” which are plagued with the seven deadly sins, although the Old Testament “Man” and the fallen “Angels”, which are also “Man” will not see it this way.

These are the “People” which sin.

The only sin the “forms” will ever be guilty of is not taking root in the soil.

7 – whatever lies the realms and status of “LIFE” which “i” have not been told about and could not comprehend.

<GOD> as one living being, which constitutes the entirety of <LIFE>.

The Voice of James

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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