Hell is a Path, 180 Degrees from the Path to Heaven

Yes, I know; every “body” knows this!

But, what “we” do not know yet, is heaven is the end destination of an evolutionary path, which is the path of <GOD>.

I turned to drugs and alcohol at a very young age and continued on a path to hell, until I crashed my car into a tree, a month before my forty-third birthday. Until I hit the tree and totaled my car I was a drunken, drugged up piece of “flesh”.

Then I hit the tree and a crack opened up and a spark of evolution entered or was released and all of a sudden, I was different. I changed just like that. Touched by <GOD’s> hand, but only for a split second.

Due to a touch of evolution I have been able to stay sober for just under eight years, but is always a struggle to reverse the change and take back my independence as a non-evolutionary “creature”.

A non-evolutionary creature will always try and undo or destroy what <GOD> has done.

I contend; if “we” are not soliciting <EVOLUTION>, we are not going toward heaven.

I contend; we do not wish for <GOD> to step in, due to fear that <EVOLUTION> will make a permanent change which cannot be taken back. This is why “some” say; when you see <GOD> in all <HIS> glory, you die.

This is true because <EVOLUTION> always replaces what was with what could have been. I got a dose of <EVOLUTION> at the base of a tree and then I sealed the crack in “my” shell almost immediately with fiction, when I told “myself”, I created the change which would allow sobriety above drunkenness.

It is “our” nature as a half-breed. Made from a <GODLY> material, but formed up into a “creation”, detached from <GOD> and the evolutionary path on which “we” should have been on.

If “we” were still on this path, “we” could still be as “dust”, but it would have been because <GOD> wished “us” to be, as “dust”!

As a creation, we create instead of  evolving. This is the path to hell. It is the only destination possible for a creation, because the creation will always bend its surrounding in order to accommodate its presence.

<EVOLUTION> works exactly the opposite way.

I will tell you the good news. Being that “we” were made from <GODLY> material, “we” have the inherent capability to spark “our” own “Evolution”, the question is; do “we” need to crash “our” creations into the base of a tree.

“our” creations, out of a need to protect themselves, will use this teaching as a tool to make “us” accept their change, but change is not <EVOLUTION> if it is prompted by a dead creation; a creation which cannot evolve, but can only create outside itself.

“we” are most certainly on a path to hell and “we” are either going to follow “our” corporate man and all of his generations of creation to the gates of hell or “we” are going to <Evolve> of “our” own accord, which will keep <GOD> from showing up in full blaze.

If “we” follow, in a sleepy, uniformed haze “we” will be <EVOLVED> at some point in time, for a creations, creation will always be an enemy to <GOD>.

If “we” can show <GOD> or prove active “LIFE”, “we” can “Evolve” in increments and keep “our” sense of “SELF” and best of all, get to stay.

There is no “body” more fearful of <GOD> than “me”, because “i” do not want <GOD> directing “my” presence, because of the way <GOD> moves.

“i am” so afraid of “EVOLUTION”, it is not even funny, but this fear will keep “me” on a path to hell, with the thought that maybe, somehow, someway “I” can create some thing, to make everything ok.

“I” can make something, which can remove all the pain and suffering, but “i” know; only <GOD> can make these changes.

“i” just hope “i am” still here, when the spark hits the creation.

First creation to prove an active “LIFE” line, wins more time…

The Voice of James

“No “body” really wants to go to heaven, because “we” know when “we” get there, “we” will not be what “we’ once were and fear the loss of “self” and an authoritative hand, guiding “our” “evolutionary path”.

“we” want <GOD> to help, but “we” do not want <GOD> to help.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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