A Belief is a Law

And programming is simply, a law which has not passed yet.

Programming is law which has not been accepted as Truth, yet!

Her first belief was a law, so was mine and also yours.

We came to be by the hand of “GOD”, by the hand of “Man”, by the hands of a combination of “LIFE” lines or through an evolutionary cycle, which I believe to be wholly of “GOD”, but no matter which method instigated our presence, we are “robots”.

A speckle of Light does not change what “form” is, it simply shines a light on it. All “self”-awareness does is make “us” dangerous.

The goal of any “LIFE” is freedom, which eventually will lead to a dissolving of the “form”.

This does not happen in the ground, “I” can assure you. It comes with the general awareness of the “LIFE” line which constitutes “our” “form”.

A general understanding and acceptance of how a form works and an awareness that power, wealth and intelligence do not defeat all programming.

When we shake off our wine, we will see the wine to be our beliefs and will eventually come to understand, we are all drunk on false beliefs.

The creation or the acceptance of a law can be isolated to one “form” or it can be representative of a percentage coming together to create or accept a law in the form of a belief.

My question is; should a robot get to create its own laws?

Am “I” wrong or would a self-aware robot simply create and program laws based on desires and perceived needs.

Would the powerful robots not program and create laws to suit their needs and protect themselves.

Would this not be the nature of a “self”-aware “form”.

There is not much harm in stating the sky is blue, but “I” believe there is an apocalyptic event for those which choose to make up there own laws, which are in conflict with “Mans”, which are the 12 commandments, and “CHRISTS”, which are represented in the new Testament.

“I” am telling you all, we have not seen the significance of a belief in his or her full light, but know down to “my” bones, “I” cannot just make stuff up and then simply pass a law or program a parameter or belief to validate actions or even worse, to take actions which are contrary to God, Man and Christ and then just pass a law which states it is OK.

We are not supposed to get to decide; not as an unevolved “form”.

There is no “form” on this planet more offended by this truth than I am. I would rather go back to the ground then to have another body tell me what to do, but this does not mean I cannot see.

“I” can see, but feel like “I” do not need any laws to control “my” behavior, It is “Man” that needs the laws and even when they are in place, they still do not pay attention and do what they want.

The twelve commandments and the teachings of the Bible are not directed at the “forms”, there are directed at the “LIVES” or “LIFE” line, dwelling within the “forms”

The bible is “LIFE” speaking to “Life”.

The person is the “LIFE”.

It is a “Father” speaking to the “Child”.

Remember, “our” beliefs are not protecting “us”. They are enslaving “us”.

Comfort stagnates “LIFE”!

False beliefs kill “LIFE”, my “LIFE”!

“I” cannot “LIVE” in fiction. I am not saying “I” know the truth, but “I” know what is not true.

“WE” are not supposed to know the truth. That is the lie, which keeps us dead, locked in as an unevolved “form”. It locks us in as a house, a car, a tool and a battery and guarantees “we” get no chance at “LIVE”.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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