I Do Not Know Whether To Throw A Left Or Right

God’s hand is evolution and this propulsion is how God moves.

God’s left hand and right hand are the same.

God is the previous who, the current who and also, who is to come.

God is the who in the what.

One “LIFE” everlasting.

The only one which knows, all there is to know.

One “LIFE”! One family of “LIFE”. One “PERSON”!

If you are one of the forms, which perceives self, due to Gods presence, God Bless you!

If you are a part of a certain family of “LIFE” and you are standing on two feet, seemingly all by your lonesome, this is because God wishes to be you.

I speak of evolution and of one God evolving, but there are more and more and so very much more…

In some end or beginning reality there is “ONE” supreme “LIFE”.

This “LIFE” was lonely and questioning existence, presence and reality; “SELF” expressed and became an expansive force unto “SELF”.

Then one day, one of Gods hands evolved without the other and someone came to be, outside looking in.

“I AM” that “Man”.

Partial in nature, separated from the whole “SELF” and isolated as some type of outcast or freak of nature, but “I” did not request a showing, did not request “To Be” a “God” unto myself, but there “I” was; half man, half God, all by “Myself”.

Should “I” be and evolve as a partial presence?

One hand creates as “GOD” creates and one hand takes from “GOD” and simply creates, from this force.

“I AM” both evolution and creation.

“MY” left hand and right hand are not the same.

“I AM” not happy about it, but what in the hell “AM I” supposed to do.

“I” create to survive, as “I” persist as “I AM”.

“I” have a choice, “GOD” does not.

“GOD” wishes “TO BE” you, but you are not a part of “GOD’S” evolution. You are one of “MY” creations, put in play to bring me joy and to sustain my presence, so “I” may stay on, as is, without evolving.

This truth is not hard for a form to comprehend, it is hard for a form to accept.

There was a time when your form was in the family business, but that was a long time ago.

You may have a replacement in “GOD’S” kingdom, but “I AM” not sure “I” do.

If “I” do, “I AM” not sure “I” wish to be you, not as a part of another force.

I wish “TO BE” me, without having to create to sustain, as my creations always seem to end up as my enemy.

“MY” left hand warrants contempt and “MY” right hand takes the contempt away.

“I” do not know, whether to throw a left or a right.


As a form, of an abandoned form of “LIFE”, I understand, but do “I” at least get to say; what about me?

You do not wish to be me, God has not located me yet and I do not wish to be either of you.

So what happens to me? “I” can continue to create outside myself to survive making enemies along the way or evolve and lose myself in the expanse of “LIFE”.

“I AM” just as confused as you are.

As a created force, how is it that you are somehow above me?

“I” do not know, whether to throw a left or a right.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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