The Pope Said Christ Life Ended in Failure – Part 3 The Truth of the Resurrection

The pope said:

“God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross,” Pope Francis said.

If the pope is referring to the true resurrection of the “life” which constitutes the “form”, then he is most certainly correct, if it was the “LIVING CHRISTS” goal to spark the immediate evolution of the dormant sleeping “life”, but if it was not “CHRISTS” goal to spark immediate evolution, but to kindle a flame, then the pope was wrong and “our” evolution or resurrection will take place at some point in time.


The current misperception; the body is alive, it is going to die and, if its good, will go to heaven as a living spirit. This is wrong and needs to be discarded as applicable in any sense.

The truth of the pre-resurrected “life”; the body is not alive, will not die, but be recycled and will not go to heaven; meaning will miss the chance to evolve toward a “LIVING BEING” or heaven, as we perceive heaven.

The truth of the post-resurrected “life”; the “body” will be “Live”, very hard to kill, so will probably not die; will be more free and very hard to control, so feared by the physical rulers; will be on the “LIVING” ladder or the “LIVING TREE” and moving with <GOD> toward “our” perception of heaven.

There is a stairway to heaven and one of the steps is, “LIVE”! We miss this step because we do not know it is there, so we go backwards…

The current misperception of the “form” made from “life” is it goes from alive in the physical realm, to alive in the spiritual realm, but has been misled regarding the stairway.

The stairway to Heaven has many steps, but only one true destination; freedom!

This is what they tell me. Who? I do not know. I sleep and I am somehow meeting with these beings I can see, but cannot place a recognizable form to; I cannot place a face on the form.

Keep in mind, there are many steps to “LIVE”. This is very important!

There is dead, not made from “life”.

There is “life”, which is “LIVE” restricted or held back for one reason or another and is the reason for “form”, any form!

A rock is made from “life”, but heavily constrained by the “life” line itself or by unseen forces.

we were made from a dormant sleeping “life” line and are heavily constrained, but by different means. Most of it is “our” fault, but you add in a few lies and “we” constrain “ourselves”, so as to stay on as a “form”, made from “life”.

we never jump on this “LIFE” line or take a step on this stairway to heaven, because “we” already believe “we” are “ALIVE” and on the stairway, all “our” creators had to do was to hide some steps.

These step are “LIVE”.

The natural evolution of any “LIFE” is freedom, which obviously means freedom from form itself, but it does not go backwards, then forward, like “we” have been told. <GOD> always moves forward and every step and increase is through evolution. It is how <GOD> moves.

So you have rocks, un-aware forms, self-aware forms, which sometimes end up as rocks, self-aware forms which find their tree, many steps along a living path to culminate in a “LIVE” form, which is the freest of all forms, then comes the disintegration of form (which did not go backwards), allowing for more freedom and finally to “ALIVE”, which “i” cannot comprehend.

The only truth “i” know about “ALIVE” is, “i am” not.

The true resurrection of “our” LIFE” Line will be scary as hell, because “we” have been detached from our “LIFE” line for thousands of years.

First “we” laid dormant, then “we” were re-formed, brought forward as a “form”, but without “our” evolution and “GOD”; like a time traveler, missing three million years of its own growth.

In order for “our” resurrection to take place, “we” will need to accept all of “GOD” growth in one massive dose.

All of “our” evolution in the next step.

If “we” would have been left alone, “we” would have had three million years to make this journey, now “we” only have days.

“i” hope you understand.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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