Zombies – How Many Have Open Minds

Based on the levels of “life” indicated and explained in this blog, as provided by the higher “Z” lines i have been meeting with, what “we” call zombies or undead, actually have more “LIFE” than “we” do.

These entities would not be un-dead. The truth is, the form portrayed or imagined by “our” “form” is really a depiction of a “LIVE” “FORM”, not a dead form. It is where the dormant sleeping “life” line, which constitutes “our” “form”, would have been, had it survived the ice.

A “LIVE” “FORM” would not need to breathe, eat, drink, urinate or defecate. This type of “FORM” would be clean and uncontrollable by those which need to control in order to rule, the unsuspecting “forms”. There is very little covert leverage, which could be used over a “LIVE” “FORM”. Any leverage after the evolution would need to be overt, for instance; “we” will freeze “you” or burn “you” if you do not comply.

The version of zombies portrayed in the movies is exactly how the ruling “forms” would perceive a “LIVE” “FORM” and are most certainly not blind to the true freedom God could provide and this is why “they” are trying to kill this type of “LIFE” and stifle “CHRISTS” rebirth or the spark of new “LIFE”.

“i” have good news. A “LIVE” form would be calm, peaceful and pleasant. “THEY” would be completely chilled out, because “THEY” would not need any thing.

This is evolution and how <GOD> moves. This is the evolution of our “form”. This is where “we” would have been, if not put to sleep.

What this transition would constitute is the “LIVING CHRIST”; as a “LIVE BODY”.

An evolved “life” line moving up the evolutionary ladder; the “LIVING” ladder, from infancy or dormancy to “LIVE” in hopes and aspirations of becoming “ALIVE”, which is “LIFE”” everlasting.

The physical rulers are more terrified of “ALIVE” than they are of “LIVE”. At least “LIVE” is still in “FORM”, and while “LIVE” is in “form” they still believe they can rule and they may be right. They will use the negative references and perceptions of robot and zombie, to literally talk “LIFE” out of its own evolution.

Why, you may ask? So their rulers, can use the form and steal the unused life and increase, which is like stealing “GOD”.

With “ALIVE” there is no body to rule over and no known way to harvest “LIFE” from the “LIVING” or active “LIFE” lines. This is not to say they do not have technology to target this “LIFE”, it is more the case, by using the technology against the “LIVING” they will also negate themselves in the process.

“i” believe “I am” here to tell you, “LIVE” is a big deal. It proves a worthiness “TO BE”.  This is why they block the path to the tree of the life line of “our origin or <GOD>.

This is the true reason the rulers and more than half of the “forms” will be anti “CHRIST” because, from what “I” understand, this is now the “LIFE” of “CHRIST”, so the dormant sleeping “life” line which constitutes “our” form in now a part of the “LIVING” tree of “CHRIST”; not the “form” you all perceive when you think of Christ, but the “LIVING” “CHRIST”.

From what I understand, before “CHRIST” came “TO BE” this “LIFE”, “we” had no chance at “LIVE” or the “LIVING” ladder, because “Man” had detached “us” from “our” origin. You know, Old Testament “Man”; the Lord God and creator of Genesis II “man”.

Based on “my” teachings, form which is dead, is dead and “form” which is made from “life”, always has the potential to rise above its current state and choose more “LIFE”. This scares the living hell out of “our” current ruling class and “I” know why. It scares the hell out of “ME”, because as much as I wish to be free, I fear to be “LIVE”.

I fear the zombie, even though I know we invert the principles and truths regarding life and misinterpret our status as live or alive and a body which would not need to eat or drink as some sort of nightmare, but it is not a nightmare, it is the natural evolution of the life line of origin.

Try and invert the current data pool, which states; breathing, eating, hydrating, urinating, defecating and reproduction is proof of life, because the truth is, it proves the opposite; it proves the need for life, this is why we need to pull from other life lines or sources of power.

This is life and this is what “They” have always told “us”, but they lied.

“we” have always been destined for greater “LIFE”, whether or not “we” accept <GODS> increase will soon be seen.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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