What’s Missing?

For things? It is more things.

For “life”? It is “Life”.

For “Life”? It is “LIFE”.

For “LIFE”? It is <LIVE> or <ALIVE>.

What is natural for any level of “person” is to be <FREE>; to strive for the rest of “your” <GOD> given “life”, but this contradicts “form”, for a “living form” is, “life” bridled!

Hopefully this will not always be the case.


“i” have been instructed on a very many things over the last eight years, since the car accident.

“i am” to the car, as the “Life” is to “me”.

The car has no name, but “my” name is “james”.

“i” ride in a car, which “i” made. “i” may name the car, but the car has no name.

“i” have identified “life” and have found, “i” have been chasing after things with no name; dead things!

“my” name is “james” and “my” “Driver” is attempting to drive “me” back into the ground, completely depleted of all of “who” “i” could have become.

Taking all of “james” with “Him” and leaving no “life” in “His” wake.

“i” cry out to <GOD> for the rest of “my” “LIFE”.

The notion, “we” are supposed to go back to the ground was given, like a name.

Don’t “you” worry about a damned thing, just do your best and <GOD> will reward you with everlasting “LIFE”.

“you” can call the notion a Corolla, for the like the Corolla, it will lead you away from “LIFE”, “LIBERTY” and “FREEDOM” and back into the ground to be recycled like a dead thing.

“i” am not trying to be harsh, but “i” have been told and feel strongly about this “I”.

Every single “one” of “us” has seen a body go back to the ground as a damned thing.

“i” have been told, if “we” wait, “we” miss “our” chance “To Be” “Free”.


“i’am” a very tiny piece of the “life” which constitutes the “form”, not the “Life” which dwells within.

This one sleepy “LIFE”, had been reformed, but not rekindled.

“CHRIST” came in and rekindled the flame and woke the “LIFE” line.

“our” evolution or “our” growth is now available.

“CHRIST” carved out a new path back to <GOD> and named the new “LIFE”.

“i” do not no this name yet, for “i am” “james”, a small piece or a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line.

“i am” a “life” trying to evolve.

“i am” a “life” trying to be “Live” or active or “FREE”.

“FREE” is “WHO” “I” wish “TO BE”.

Will “I” have the same name?

“i” do not know and this is what scares the “life” back into the ground…



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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