The half of my other side

Think of God as an infinite source of power; not a person, but the source which makes the person possible.

Think of power sources, as those originally given power, as individual people; living beings or named individuals.

Think of the life, as the person.

Source of Power and Power Source Classifications:

Type – Infinite or finite

Class – Non-physical or physical

Strength – Uncontrollable or controllable

Source – Natural or unnatural

Growth – Evolution or creation

Stages – Early, to later generations or versions

Now, just for the time being, let us place a shape and concept to the one source of power and call God a cell, with the first men and women (Gen 1) as the nucleus.

Think of the first men and women as finite, non-physical, uncontrollable, naturally evolving beings, all dwelling within God and reliant upon God for their presence.

So for as long as God is God, Man is Man…

As the first androgynous Men and Women evolve, new life is born; a new person; a new addition to the family of life, which dwells within the cell.

These are the lives we cannot see and the people we do not know; the ones which bring power and function to the forms.

As Men and Women evolved, they begin to fill the cell with variations of life. The first two or three generations were all finite, uncontrollable, natural power sources, but as time went on, the lives or the people begin to dissipate, so by the time they reach the cell membrane, I am easily retrievable.

For as long as these people evolved, all was well with God, as all life was in harmony with the one source of power.

As the generations evolved, they move away from man, toward the membrane or God. The further away they get from man, the weaker they become. At some point they lose their ability to evolve; the life line becomes weaker and these people begin to panic.

Imagine a life or life line, simply fading away as they move away from Man to be recaptured by God.

The later generations of Man begin to scramble. In a rash decision, this generation begins to take weaker life lines and form them up into a presence they can inhabit and draw from.

This happened (Gen 2), and is when these men and women decided to be independent of God; an independent nation. It would be equal to a proton trying to leave the cell and survive on its own, not as a new cell, but as a free proton.

Once they made their choice, there was no turning back. Every thought and deed after the fact becomes an absolute necessity, from their vantage point. They must leave the cell, with enough power to survive for an eternity, as is with no evolution or source of power; to leave with no God.

Think about a cell, with a nucleus and all manner of life evolving within this one cell. As the life evolves, form is born and as the life continues to evolve the form takes on new shapes and characteristics and all is well within this one cell.

What would you have, if one of these people took a sleeping life line and formed it up on its own?

You would have creation, taking place within a cell, which is full of evolving lives.

You would have creation within evolution.

This is where you would find us; on the outer realms of life, nearly touching God, but completely detached from God.

I was who I was, until you made me into what I am, now I do not belong to either, the cell or the proton trying to secede.

We were just laying there; a life which lost its spark long ago; asleep waiting for God to recapture us.

In my earlier days, I was a non-physical, finite, uncontrollable, natural life line, evolving along a chosen path. In my later days, part of me is the same, but part of me is not. The new part is physical, finite, controllable and unnatural.

I am beside myself, standing next to an unnatural form, but I am also a part of this created form; both of us dwelling within the father of all life.

God knows me by name, but not by my form.

I stand here and watch helplessly, as my life is used to perpetuate a later generation of Man. A Man with hopes and dreams of becoming his own man or cell. A Man who plans to take a portion of me with him, when he attempt to break through the membrane (CERN).

But, what if I do not wish to go? Who will speak on my behalf?

The half of my other side.

I am partial now; a child of God and the son of Man as a created form.

A major portion of myself wishes to stay, but a small portion can understand this mans stance and his desire to be free. I can understand, because he dwells within me and is making himself known.

Now I am an I beside myself, divided by a Man, trying to become a God, unto himself.

God does not know my form, because he did not evolve into my form. He knows me by name, but not by my form.

I must introduce myself, as a new form to him, if I wish to be whole again.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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