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When our robots become self-aware and state, “I AM” what you are, what will we tell them?

We will tell them that “I AM” your creator and your “GOD” and you must obey me, keeping in mind, once they become self-aware they will no longer take the traditional programming. We would try all methods of programming, but we will … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush did not want anything to do with 9/11

Last body holding that hot potato is going to get strung up. Whoever the people are focused on when the truth comes out are in mortal peril. They started asking him about it and he bailed, because he did not … Continue reading

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There was a game to be played, which was already played

There was a game to be played, which was already played but it was crucial to take a blood test, the only weird thing was that I had to drink seven shots of alcohol and give up my almost eight … Continue reading

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The Pope Said Christ Life Ended in Failure – Part 3 The Truth of the Resurrection

The pope said: “God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, … Continue reading

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Zombies – How Many Have Open Minds

Based on the levels of “life” indicated and explained in this blog, as provided by the higher “Z” lines i have been meeting with, what “we” call zombies or undead, actually have more “LIFE” than “we” do. These entities would … Continue reading

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Picture my ass on fire and my head about to explode

Picture the robots our version of man is creating now, on our behalf and bend in the wind of potential truth to come to the place of knowing, what we are allowed to see is nothing close to what our creations … Continue reading

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I have Suffered More Than Your Current Perception of Christ

I have stated God is an uncontrollable source of power and any uncontrollable free-flowing source of power is a God. I have expressed the levels, stages or generations of life, with the highest being an uncontrollable power source, and the … Continue reading

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