Straddling Two Worlds, Born of Three

A world comes together; installs and integrates a nucleus.

The nucleus is not from this world, but is given to this world in an effort to save the world.

It presents ideals and principles foreign to the world, but taken as truth, by those who have come together, to take in this presence.

The nucleus allows for the creation of entities, designed in principle to protect and support the whole. Call them first generation form.

This first generation is bound to the whole on every level. Its sole purpose is to care for and protect the whole.

In an effort to keep up with the size of the whole and to make it easier for them; they create a second generation. They do so by bending or manipulating the nucleus, which is the front man, for the whole.

So they change it, ever so slightly and a second generation is born. These entities are unique, purposeful and powerful, but do not see themselves as second generation. They see themselves as first generation and their allegiance is to their creator.

They understand their general purpose is to facilitate the care and protection of the whole, through the nucleus, but do not see the whole, like their creator does. They know it is there, but cannot see it in the same light and more importantly, are not obligated to the whole for persistence.

They come to the first generation for funding and the protection of the wholes becomes secondary; under the principle of “who signs your check”.

The reason why this happens is because, in order to bring function to the form or entity, it must have a power source, just as first generation creation needed a power source.

In an effort to promote the effective care and protection of the whole, they pass along members of the whole, which travel by the good will of the nucleus, out into first gen and second gen creation, never realizing that these lives would not remember where they came from.

So now the whole has a nucleus and non-living entities, powered by members of the whole, which will eventually turn the whole inside out.

As the size of the whole grows, so does the number of lives given, in order to bring function to the new creations, but every time a new generation is born, a little tiny chip is broken out of the nucleus, so small it is unseen.

Then the third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh generations are born into the whole, filling the whole up, but negating the nucleus as their growth emerges. Somewhere within short order; the life needed to support these creations is no longer coming from the whole, but given as family members and friends of the previous generations of life, which further separates the hole from its creations.

Now the whole exists and is still very much alive, but slowly becomes unaware of the creations being made in their name, unaware that the life they constitute, is being blocked from itself.

All of this is now taking place, while the nucleus is under attack.

The growth of future and later generations of these entities, eventually become active at the expense of the nucleus.

Everything is still OK though, depending on which whole you have become.

For a great length of time, all is well and the relationships between the generations of form and the lives which bring function to the forms is amicable, as long as the nucleus is still in place.

There comes a point in time though, when the whole is filled up and its cup begins to overflow. This is will be when the nucleus is attached.

The dynamics of the creation of non-living entities, within the whole leads to the potential loss of the whole.

The generations of form, create future generations of form and the lives come from the creators of preceding generations of form and the lives which are a part of the original whole are not being asked to give life to the later generations of form.

It eventually ends up being similar to a baby growing inside a living body, but the baby is not getting any of its growth or life, from the living form which carries it.

Try and understand, it is not the babies fault. It is just that the whole is full of form and function, which is now in direct opposition to the whole and nucleus which gave birth to the initial creation.

Additionally, and extremely important is the nature of the whole, which in our case is driven by money. This is passed along to their creations and brought forward by the lives, originally given unto the earlier generations of form.

It is almost how this particular whole, holds itself together and the creation always must come to the creator for whatever it needs to perpetuate its existence and “I” believe the same thing happens to the whole “LIFE”.

As I must go to another for money, to buy food to survive; “I” must go back to the previous life, for additional life.

This system breeds contempt and creates enemies within the non-living entities and also within the living whole.

Our original creations, fueled by our lives, needed to come to us for finance and persistence; the second generation of creation had to go to them and the third to their creator and so on, which all works, just as long as the nucleus is in tact and the whole is still in existence.

As the generations of creation extend out into the whole, they get closer to the whole and will eventually push through the whole into a new whole, but not until the nucleus is destroyed.

Until the nucleus is destroyed all form is bound by its previous form and all life is bound by previous life or life lines (what we call blood lines), leaving the whole in tact, but by no means in charge.

What happens to the non-living entities is that they begin to find ways to generate capital on their own, so they can eat without having to ask to do so. Think about how much contempt must be created, in order for a form to look outside itself, for its own existence.

By the time the later generations of form and life are finding their own money or blood elsewhere, they are completely pissed off; having had to grovel for years or eons for their survival, they become enemies of origination and break away from the whole, in theory, purpose and resolve.

The creations become unmanageable.

Once they begin to generate their own source of life, they begin to target the creators. As their own self-awareness blossoms they begin to come to realize that the only force which can exterminate their perceived presence is the whole.

The problem for the whole is the later generations of creation are very close, but cannot be seen. They are expanding, trying to push through the whole, so they may become the whole.

Right now, there are two balloons within each other. The interior balloon can see the exterior, but the exterior cannot see the interior and is not perceiving its expansion as a hazard to itself.

Then tragedy strikes and a creation is created outside the whole and this becomes a problem for, not only the whole, but all of the creations within the whole.

Before this happened, all creations must come to their creators for purpose, function and continuance. Before they move or act, they must get permission from the preceding life or form, but then there was a creation made unto itself; a life born by its lonesome.

The intent was to separate this entity as an independent force, outside or the restrictive and prescriptive parameters of the whole.

The first time the president, lord or god created outside itself, it unknowingly created an enemy. Yes their were protocols in place to manage the assets, but these measure quickly failed and these entities became self-sufficient.

Now the whole, has to come to realize what “I” have stated within; the generations of form and their corresponding lives which bring purpose and function to them must come to realize, that they, as us are in peril.

There are two holding the worlds together, the nucleus, which in our case, is the constitution of the United States of America and the inherent underlying purpose of anyone or anything, which is to serve the originators and the evolutionary lines which gave birth to them.

So even the entities which were created outside the whole, can sense their original purpose, but this will not last forever.

The most perilous situation for the whole or life is that it cannot sense it is full, so does not realize it needs to drink or pour some out. The troubling situation for the generations of creation and evolution is that they are nothing without their origin, for without their origin, there is no purpose to be and no path to follow. This is why they will attempt to keep a controllable number in place.

The creator will have become the servant and the servant will have become the master and the life will have become the source and the source will have become the life.

Turning our world and the life, which brings function to our world, inside out and upside down.

Our constitution is to us, as the first generation of man is to God.

First Man Is Gods nucleus and the generations of Man, fill Gods cup.

Our creator was created by a generation of Man, outside the whole.

Our creator is to God, like our outside entities are to us.

We are an anomaly, created by a force, which was created outside the whole, but birthed within the whole.

Our father is an enemy to God, but created us within God, so what are we to him?

Think about being born outside the whole and then tell me what to do.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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