The Inspirational or Uplifting Message of the Fairly Content Fellow

If it relates to management of who or what we are, by making our existence tolerable and/or manageable, then fine, I get it and it serves a purpose, but the purpose is not what you think it is.

A traditional inspirational message is designed with great intent, but is it truly uplifting?

“I” say no! It is extremely damaging to the “life” line. Yes, it may get you through the day and even a number of days, but what does it do past that?

We go back into the ground never really knowing if “we” have “lived”; never really knowing if “we” were actually “ALIVE”.

It may fortify a positive attitude, but leaves the truth of “our” existence and “our” plight for another time, which never comes.

The traditional inspirational message ends up serving the creators and their on earth handlers, by keeping us in place, fairly docile and helpless.

You see, “we” do not know what is going on, how “we” got here, what is happening all around us or what “our” options may be, pertaining to the persistence of “our” current “form”.

We do not know what types of evolutionary changes “we” are capable of or what type of “LIVING” expressions can manifest through “us”.

Could you imagine if our perception of having “LIFE” or being “ALIVE”, actually prevents “us” from being “ALIVE”.

“I” mean, why ask for something you already perceive “yourself” to have. It would not make any sense. Why would you do that? Why would you ask for “LIFE”?

You know what “we” would do, as ignorant “forms”, we would follow protocol and the programmed parameters which have been ingrained into our “collective” and make the best of it, under the illusion of “LIFE”.

My message will not feel uplifting and certainly will not help you get through the daily grind, but it may be the cornerstone of a “LIFE” of “our” own, apart from our handlers, “our” creators and the “LIVES” which dwell within the “forms”.

My dreams leave “me” feeling like “we” are being bamboozled; leave me with content which states, if you wait to go back to the ground in order to obtain the gift of everlasting “LIFE”, then you have waited one breath too long and missed your chance to shine a light on the path to “BEING”.

My message is brutal, but clear.

The “form” is not “ALIVE”, but perceives “itself” as “BEING”.

Due to this perception, “we” unknowingly walk upon the path of another without ever realizing, we are not walking “our” own.

“we” are carrying “Someone” else along “Their” path, but cannot see it, because “we” are not looking for “TRUTH”.

All “we” are doing, is what “we” have been told to do. Chin up, and all that… Everything is designed to keep us docile, so “They” can steel “our” “LIFE”.

What kind of “form” do you think will find the “TRUTH”? Do you believe “it” will be a fairly content fellow?

Hell no!

The one that will break down the fiction will be a “form” like “me”.

This is it!

The Tree of “LIFE” is blocked by the perception that “we” are already alive…

“I AM” telling “you” all; this is not “ALIVE”!

The inspirational and spiritual message is not lifting us up, it is digging “our” graves!



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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