How do you keep our kind of man away from the “TREE of LIFE”?

You lead us to believe we are you; your kind of man.

The notion we are first man or Genesis I man was presented to us, as programmed data, by our creators and maintained, perpetuated and protected by our handlers; the ones who are reportedly ruling this planet.

Genesis I man was made in the image of <GOD> and is strongly implied to be “ALIVE” in and of itself; an owner of assets and a ruler of this planet. The notion is extremely appealing, so very easy to assimilate.

Why would first GenMan, do this to us? He would not, but the later generations of his “LIFE” line would. How do I know they would? Because they did.

On the outskirts of “LIFE”, new “LIFE” is sparse and cycling out of existence and this is when creation comes into play. The later generations of “Man” create to survive, apart from God and do not wish to return to source. They do not wish to give up their perception of “Self”.

<GOD> self expressed all “LIFE” through evolution and will eventually call all “LIFE” back unto “SELF”. <GOD> will do this once there is no more evolution to be had or no new “LIFE” to be added to the family tree.

If you wish to persist, you must find another way. We are that way. I get it and I understand. I would do it too, if I felt like I had no other choice, especially if I made mistakes and could not go back home.

How do you persist, well for certain you will need a power source and what better power source, than an extinct and dormant sleeping “LIFE” line.

We are closer to first GenMan than we are to the later generations of “Man”, but we are a sleeping “LIFE” line. I am told that an extinction does not kill “LIFE”, the “forms” simply go back to where they had evolved from and the “LIFE” becomes dormant.

A sleeping “LIFE” line is a fairly safe, source of power unless it wakes up, before you can harvest.

This is why the later generations of “Man” reformed what we see in the mirror, this is why they keep us from the tree of “LIFE”, knowing that if we already perceive we are “ALIVE”, unto ourselves, then we will never request a jump start or new spark to our life line.

It is pretty simple. If we wake up, the life line which constitutes our form will evolve rapidly and will end up where we would have been, had we never been put to sleep. If this happens, the later generations of man, will lose their power source and will have created an enemy that they cannot handle, for if we awaken as a “LIFE” line, we are closer to <GOD> than they are.

So they plant a concept of thought that we are first generation man and we assume we are that man. Heck, we are moving around and are reportedly operating under free will, which are all good signs that we are alive, but what we do not realize is that if the later generations of man had not jumped inside the forms, then we would be an inanimate form, on its way back to the life line of origin.

We are a power station and a refuge for wayward lives.

Keep us believing we are “ALIVE” and we will never “BE”, simply because we already thought we were.

Our conscience is not a conscience, but is our life line trying to wake up.

These people that dwell within are not nice and I do not like them and they do not like me, because I can see them and they do not like that.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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