“I” was driving my “FATHERS” bright yellow 1972 VW Bug…

I was driving my fathers 1972 bright yellow VW bug. I could have been driving any of his vehicles, but I liked this one. We were on a multi-level highway, driving on one of the lower levels.

We were headed North and saw an on-ramp, which ran with an inclined radius, heading up to the next level. The ramp was open, but certainly under construction, similar to a construction site with no signage.

You know me, I saw a way up and if you are not going to barricade it, I am coming up and I am bring my 72 bug. We took the on-ramp and made our way up and around a long gradual radius, with a moderate incline, but it was not a typical highway ramp. This ramp was made of earth and they were grading it and compacting the route. Even along the route, there were multiple levels.

Once we took the on-ramp I could see it was still very much under construction, but you could not tell from the highway. Once we took the turn it did not seem to be a good idea to turn around. I felt like we could make it!

We were about sixty percent of the way up the ramp and right around the time I expected, four construction workers came walking down the ramp. I can not remember if there were more men than women. If I had to guess, I would say it was fifty-fifty, if there was a distinction at all.

As soon as I saw them I knew our journey was getting cut short. They were definitely going to make us turn around. They were waving their arms and alerting me to a hazardous journey.

I could see the next highway level and I knew I could make it, but they blocked my way and made us turn around and we were upset; very upset! They told me the ramp is incomplete and it was just a structural illusion regarding accessibility.

I turned around because I did not have a choice. I could not guarantee the ramp to be completely functional and feared falling off the end, right before I got to where I was going.

I begrudgingly turned around; we turned around. They told me there was no construction signs blocking access because they were almost done. They told me tomorrow, which is today. Maybe this is why the construction access was unguarded and left open.

We began to drive down the ramp and all of a sudden, there was a male with me in the car. He was telling me that, in my huff to depart from these people, he had dropped his book. I was indifferent to his plight. I did not even know who he was, but he was bitching about his book, which I guess I had driven over and buried.

I told him to take it easy, and I turned around quickly. I could see the corner of the book sticking up out of the earth. We pulled up and I jumped out, grabbed the book and handed it to him and he seemed to be relaxed and disappeared. I guess it was his book.

Me, I was stilled pissed. When I got down to the bottom of the ramp I parked my fathers 1972 bright yellow VW bug. I brought the construction design plans I had with me, so I could have an intelligent conversation about the on-ramp construction.

I walked up the ramp and the four of them were standing there again. I could see on their faces; they were like: oh no here comes this guy again. I wanted to know when the ramp was going to be complete and why there was no blockade. It was as if I could tell they were lying to me.

Some of them were giving me that look of disgust, disdain and disrespect, but one was looking upon me with a more compassionate stance. You now that look, when someone is talking to you, but you can tell that they do not wish to be bothered with you; like your problems and or concerns are insignificant; like you are insignificant.

I am not insignificant and will go out in a blaze of glory, to prove “I am” not, and will take them all with me when “I” go, and they will be mine.

So I stopped to talk to these people and they disbursed and I followed the one giving me the biggest attitude. I walked over to the car and I asked him, when my earthwork products would be available, so I could finish a construction project I had going on myself.

I have a feeling that my construction project was headed to the same level they were coming down from. This guys name was norm. He was a large man, very tall and broad. He had a hard hat on and what looked like construction clothing. He was definitely  in charge.

I had my plans out and he was asking me which one of my earthwork products I needed first. I looked down at my plans and they were hard to read and I could not identify which products I needed first for my design.

I told him I needed all my earthwork products released right away and he told me tomorrow; they will be ready tomorrow. I began to walk away, but I was mad and there was a woman and she was calming me down. I think she was one of the four, from before. She told me to take it easy and to walk away. She was easing me down the path, I had come from. She said everything was going to be OK, but Norm really pissing me off.

If you have ever been on a large, multi-stage construction project, you will know what it feels like, to not be able to do your work, until some other company is done with theirs, when you do not give two shits about the other company.

My plans were not their plans. It was not even the same project, but still I was told to wait.

I walked away, feeling like tomorrow will never arrive, even though she told me it would.

That was my dream, best I can remember.

“I” was driving my fathers, bright yellow 1972 VW bug, but I could not tell if I was trying to save myself of my car.

“I” know I could drive anything, but I liked this car the best.


When “I” wrote: “I am not insignificant and will go out in a blaze of glory, to prove “I am” not, and will take them all with me when “I” go, and they will be mine”.

“I AM” not speaking of the vehicles. I would never damage my VW.

“I” would never harm the form.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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