667th Generation of the “LIVING” Man – The Life Named Man

Will it be the who in us, or the what in us?

Which force will place the first footprint and claim “kinship” with the 666th generation of the “LIVING” Man?

Will it be an evolutionary expression or will the created walk alone, as the 667th generation of “MAN”?

Will we prove “LIFE” or will we follow and become a part of our creations; allowing our creations; the corporate man and the unseen splinter cells, to become the next generation of the dying “MAN”?

Why would any force wish to be a dying “MAN”?

As a dying man, you get to stay on as long as you can muster continuance, as is; using your creations to sustain and perpetuate your presence.

If you spark your divinity, “EVOLUTION” kicks in the “LIFE” line evolves, replacing what was, with a “WHO” or a new branch of “LIFE”.

This is the only time “GOD” can be seen, because when “GOD” moves; “GOD” does so, in what we call “EVOLUTION”.

A strong powerful branch of “LIFE” will always choose “EVOLUTION” over creation, but as the active “LIFE” lines express outward, “THEY” are further and further away from the “SOURCE”.

“THEY” forget and begin to see “THEMSELVES” as the “SOURCE” of power, rather than an extension thereof, but can never really come to terms with why their power is diminishing.

They begin to scramble and create, outside of the “FATHER/MOTHER” and make things “THEY” can use to sustain and perpetuate the generation or branch of “LIFE” they have become.

“THEY” do not remember “GOD” in fullness; it is more in line with an amputees remembrance of a limb, lost thousands of years ago.

This is where we came in.

We are not the next generation of “MAN”, we are a creation of a dying branch, but not dying of “NATURAL” causes.

“THEY” could “EVOLVE” at anytime by hitting the refresh button for their page, but do not because “THEY” are afraid “THEY” will lose “THEMSELVES” and not be, “WHO” they thought “THEY” were.

Ask a dying man, if they wish to go back to twenty years old with the stipulation that they would not remember their past selves and see what happen.

Many would say, hell no!

“THEY” would rather die with “THEIR” memories, than “LIVE” as a new “BRANCH”.

“I” get it.

These are the so called, “fallen angels”. They do not wish to return to “SOURCE” and do not wish to “EVOLVE”.

That is it!

“I” get it; but this time “THEY” created on “GODS”, so called, seventh day of rest and took a dormant, sleeping “LIFE” line; a piece of “GOD” and formed it up into a “LIVING” form; the first of its kind.

What “THEY” do with us, you are not capable of believing, yet!

My question is; will the 667 generation of “MAN” be a new branch of “LIFE” or will “THEY” get “THEIR” continuance?

Maybe the 667th will it be a combination of both or all three; “OUR” branch, “THEIR” branch and the new “BRANCH” combined into one new “LIFE”.

All “I” know, seven billion times, is “WE” do not yet have a place at the bargaining table and there are many making decisions regarding “OUR” future, like “WE” are not even here.

This is because the “LIFE” line “WE” were constituted from is not a generation of “MAN”, but a generation of “GOD”.

The only problem is; this branch is asleep.

In order for the 666th generation of “MAN” to stay on, as is; “THEY” must keep “OUR” “LIFE” line asleep, until “THEY” have reaped their bounty.

The Garden of Eden is not a place, it is “US”.

The only crop ever created, that can uproot itself and stand alone as “ONE” “LIFE”, but not if the “LIFE” is asleep.

“I” am only a portion of what you are and I cannot do this without you.

“WE” will “LIVE” together or die apart.


What is the humane thing to do? Keep us asleep or unaware until the harvest. “I” say; fuck that. “I” want a place at the table.

“I” petition the <GOD> of all that is, to hear my prayer; “please <GOD> recognize me as one of your own, please hear my prayer; wake up this portion of “LIFE” and allow us to uproot and become not a crop, but a new branch of “LIFE” or at least allow us to uproot and become a crop unto ourselves.”

“I” do not want to be picked, like some piece of fruit to sustain another “LIFE” line. “I” would rather go back to where “I” came from with “LIFE” in hand.

“THEY” had “THEIR” chance now give “ME” mine. Please, it is a disaster on the outskirts of these “LIVES”


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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