Free Will – The Problem with Calling It Free

Everything we think and do has ramifications.

Some are seen immediately, some take decades to manifest.

We create a language and place value on the outcomes of our “free will”, which typically are valued as either good or bad.

We all know that sometimes, what we perceive as a good thing, later turns out to be a bad thing and sometimes the ramifications of free will are seen a bad thing, but later are re-assessed as a good thing.

Either way, good or bad, right or wrong; it is all perception anyway.

The only thing for certain is, free will is not free.

There is always an outcome in every thought and action, even if it is just prompting additional thoughts or actions.

We should just call it will, because there is nothing free about it.

The problem with calling it free, is it creates, or allows us to perceive freedom in our thoughts and action, when there is no freedom, for we are forever bound by our will, regardless of whether we can perceive it or not.

Yes, you can do whatever you want; take any stance or stand; you can even go against our nature and/or design and place a value of the thought or action as being right, good or acceptable. You can even call it bad and do or think it anyway.

Yes, you can do anything, but it is not free.

The problem with calling it free, is it gives us the impression that it is.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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3 Responses to Free Will – The Problem with Calling It Free

  1. Ian Clifton says:

    I agree with you that we are governed by cause and effect, but I am not convinced that makes people unfree. We can know the causes of our actions, as you illustrated in your post, and it is possible to work to change how those causes affect us once we are conscious of them. Naturally any work I do to change my nature will be due to reasons–but there is no reason I cannot work with, including my reasons for changing in the first place. The idea changes being governed by cause and effect from an impediment to freedom into the vehicle through which human freedom is possible.

  2. Reblogged this on A Robot's Voice and commented:

    What I was trying to express during a short work break was that the reference of “free will” and the value we have associated to it, is incorrect and represents un an truthful representation of reality. You may perceive this as an insignificant observation, but it is not. “Free” hammers home the notion of no cause and effect, especially when the cause and effect is not readily perceivable.
    All I am saying is we should not call it free will. We should simply, call it “will”; the will of our generation of man.
    This would isolate the word “will”, rather than the programmed freedom associated to the word “free”.
    I was not stating, we are not free to do as we wish.
    I was stating, what we do is not without consequences and this truth needs to be hammered home, if we are to survive.
    Try and understand; we are fighting against ourselves and the data on our system, which states; “I can do whatever I want to do and everything is going to be just fine…”

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