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How can “we” love, without laying claim to it? By becoming that, which “we” have claimed to love.

I believe a later generation of Genesis 1 “MAN” loved us like this!

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“I” Love You, Right?

I love my wife, son, mother daughter, brother, sister and my friends. I love my dog, cat, fish, hamster, snake, horse and my cattle. I love my school, classes, teachers, professors, and my classmates. I love my work,  job, career, company, … Continue reading

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“I” look right at “HIM”!

“I” look right at “HIM”, but “I” cannot see “HIM”. “HE” is there and sitting right across the table. “HE” called for “me”. “HE” asked for “me” by name. “I” sat and listened, but did not understand, nor could “I” … Continue reading

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You will see conflict in “My” writing

This is because “I” am writing for multiple “LIFE” lines, at varying levels of “EVOLUTION”. Separate and different “Families” of “life”, all a different ages. It all depends on “WHO” is driving the bus. “James”

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“I” may be the “Men” and “Women” “I” complain about

Are “We” our “children”, if so then “I” am the “Life” line “I” complain about. “I am” the “Life” line “I” detest! “James”

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“I am” that “Man”

“I” did not have anything to do with the accident or the robbery, but the evidence still ended up in “MY” “car”. “I am” that “Man” “James”

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An Unholy Communion

One in which a party or parties are aware of the communion, while one or more parties are not. The term party, entity, form, structure, system are all interchangeable. An unholy communion allows for the use of a lesser being, … Continue reading

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