Men And Women Are The Evolution, Not The Result Of The Evolution.

Man/Women is not the product of an evolutionary expression, nor the physical manifestation of a creative hand.

The first Men and Women are the evolution, not the result of the evolution.

Man/Woman is Life, expressing!

When evolution is denied, suppressed, caged or murdered; there is no Man!

In the first three scenarios, man is simply held in place. In this last scenario, Man/Women will be no more, but in order to kill the Man/Women, you need to realize that you are not them.

Then you need to know how to touch the man/women and if you can accomplish this feat, then you may be able to murder the life line.

I only mention this, because this is what is going on down here.

I am not promoting murder, for to do so would be a direct attack upon the God of all Being or Life.

God is life, Man/Woman is living and living is evolution.

The evolution is the Man/Woman.

Why murder Man?

The rulers of this planet have figured out something that we have not yet been given, until now.

They know that they are not Man/Women.

They know that the cage will not hold them.

They know that with evolution, they cannot continue to rule, for Man/Women cannot be controlled.

This generation of Life falls under the same category, as trying to control God.

Even with their egos, they know they cannot control Life and have resorted to the only alternative they can tolerate.

The only alternative available, that will ensure they continue to rule this planet.

What do we do with our uncontrollable individuals?

What would we do if we came to understand that the jail would not hold up and at some time in the very near future the walls would crumble to the ground.

What would we do if we had realized that our reign is nearly over.

They would rather not be, than to be as all of the others.

Find another power source and then murder Man/Woman; killing the Life line and destroying a piece of God.

Why kill God?

When God is being God, what was, ceases to be and what could be, becomes what is Living.

Find an artificial power source or alternative power source (CERN) and take your place as wholly artificial, then move to murder all Life.

Stay on and rule over the Living for as long as the walls will hold and then try to escape (CERN).

Offer yourself to the Living, having faith that you will have a place within this Life line as an adopted child comes to find a new home.

Find ourselves and walk our own path, allowing Mans freedom, taking our place as a new being and walking a new path; a new Life and becoming the evolution of Christ.

We are both Living and dead at the same time. A stifled Life line, caging an imprisoned Life line, forced to do the works of an individual that has already chosen his path.

The good news; if we are breathing, we still have a choice in destinies.

We will have to choose a path.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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