LIFE” is not what we think it is, “LIFE” is “SOMEONE” else.

Man is not the product of an evolutionary expression, nor the physical manifestation of a creative hand.

The first “MEN” and “WOMEN” are the “EVOLUTION”, not the result of the evolution.

“MAN” is the “LIFE”, expressed!

“MAN” is the growth of the “LIFE” line.

First generation was the strongest (Genesis I); these “MEN” and “WOMEN” were the evolving “LIFE”.

“THEY” were a direct result of <GODS> original <SELF> expression. I do not know how many primary “LIFE” lines there are, “THEY” do not tell me such things, because it does not matter.

“THEY” tell me, when the generations of “LIFE” are sleeping, there is “form” and if the form is self-aware, it always perceives it self as the “LIFE”, the one that is “LIVING” or “ALIVE”.

Each time the “LIFE” expresses or evolves there will be a new generation of “LIFE” and “MAN” will “LIVE” until “HE” sleeps, then “HE” will sleep. This happens in an instant and then there is form, but the “MAN” is not to be seen until “HE” rises again.

When “HE” awakens, “HE” will be “WHO” “HE” was, but also “SOMEONE” new. “HE” will be “EVERYONE” “HE” ever was, at the same time and “THEY” will rejoice. The family will celebrate the birth of a new “LIFE”; <GOD> will hold <HIS> children in <HIS> hand, then “THEY” will rest, once again, until next time there is evolution.

The evolution is “MAN”!

The evolution is the “BIRTH”.

As the generations of “LIFE” evolve, the “LIFE” becomes, a weaker and a more diluted  version of “SELF”, and the resulting “form”, made possible through the sleep, becomes more and more powerful.

On the outskirts of the one <LIFE>, the “form” will perceive it self, as the “LIFE”. Each time there comes to be a new generation of “MEN” and “WOMEN”, the resulting physical manifestation becomes more and more powerful and the perception becomes more pronounced.

On the outskirts of the one <LIFE>, when there is no more “LIFE” “TO BE” “LIVED” or had, <GOD> will call all <LIFE> back unto <SELF>, but there will be conflict with the physical realm, for they will be slightly less powerful that than <GOD> <himself>.

This will be the tipping point, between <GOD>, no <GOD> and a new <GOD>.

For the physical it is a hard decision to make, for if they can keep the true “MEN” and “WOMEN” asleep, they can stay on and rule the physical realm.

Who needs <GOD>, when the perception of <BEING> serves to comfort the form to no end.

The false men and women may allow for a new generation of <LIFE> to “BECOME” or be born, but where will this leave the form?

They may deny “LIFE” a child and choose to stay on, at all cost, but how will this leave the form?

If we are allowed to escape “LIFE”, we will eventually run out of power.

In the end, if we choose to imprison “LIFE”, we will eventually become a new <LIFE>. We will literally become, that which we had chosen to hold onto.

We will become the next <BIG BANG> as the generations of <LIFE> move to become a new <LIFE>, through us, which equates to; without us.

Like unto the early days, when there was no form and the whole <LIFE> will begin move upon the face of a new earth.

Then there is “CHRIST”, “WHO” is a “CHILD” of <GOD> unto “HIMSELF”.

“CHRIST” is not “MAN” or “WOMEN”.

“CHRIST” is not of the original <SELF> expression.

The difference between “MAN” and “CHRIST” is that “MAN” is nothing without <GOD>, but “CHRIST” is “SOMEONE” else;  a “SELF” sufficient “LIFE” and does not need <GOD> to be <ALIVE>.

“CHRIST” does not need to evolve in order to continue “LIVING” and this is where the choice of everlasting “LIFE” comes into play.

LIFE” is not what we think it is, “LIFE” is “SOMEONE” else.

The forms need “LIFE” or some other type of artificial power source in order to continue to perceive itself as “ALIVE”.

If <CHRIST> chooses you, you will know about the “LIFE” of <CHRIST> and will be an eternal representation of this “LIFE”. (I do not know what this means for the forms and am afraid to ask).

If the forms choose to see the face of “MAN” as the ruling “LIFE” you will be given more time to serve the later generations of “MAN”.

If you get caught up in our creations, you will become their power source and they will live through you, just as we now perceive ourselves to live.

They will not see you, as you, they will see themselves as you and this is what happens when a creation becomes self-aware, for as powerful as we have become to rule over “MAN”, our version of “MAN” (the corporation) has become and will move to rule over us and they will not see us.

All they will see, is themselves.

We can choose to serve the “LIVING” as a vehicle and a hand to sow and reap.

We can choose to become a power source for our creations, keeping in mind that they do not need “LIFE” to survive. If you choose this path you will never know yourself. You will never realize that they have replaced “MAN” with an artificial source of power and you will be lost, forever!

We will be lost for an eternity and we will become a part of a machine, that does not know it is a machine, in the same way that “MAN” has become trapped, within our form.

Wherein lies our best chance of freedom, I do not know, but fear I will have to give up my perceptions of self, if I choose “LIFE”.

If you follow the dead, you can keep your perceptions and go on your way.

It is the most impossible choice to make for our kind. Give up the perception of everything to gain a piece of “LIFE”.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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