One Gigantic Mathematical Equation

Think about our existence as one gigantic mathematical equation, with a miscalculation somewhere within our equation.

Think about our final conclusion as our end value, whatever that may be.

Please keep in mind, it was either evolution, creation or both, as I have stated in the past, but either way it began with one or two of us, and then there became more, as our value increased.

It is my contention that our second calculation is where the error has been made and as a result, every single calculation after the second has been skewed, but instead of going back to the beginning and correcting our initial computation, we have been trying to adjust the future calculations as we go along, in an attempt to correct the final value to our equation.

The first calculation was our initial presence, which was in essence, a manifested equation with a truthful end value; it was, what it was.

The second calculation was ours and was our first interpretation of our presence; the perception of who or what we were.

I have reason to believe it was our initial calculation, which is in error and no matter how hard we try to correct our calculation, we fail as an equation or society, because we cannot bring a faulty equation into any larger equations, because our end value has been skewed and will eventually destroy the whole equation, whatever or whoever that may be.

We cannot join the others until we get our equation solved truthfully, and it is impossible to correct a mathematical equation on the fly, without locating and correcting the initial miscalculation.

We spend trillions, millions of times over, attempting to navigate where our equation is going. We know our equation or society is flawed, but we never really pay any attention to the miscalculations we are making along the way, and never contemplate, where the initial error was made.

We just keep bending and skewing the calculations and subsequent values as we go along and cannot figure out why our society is all messed up.

We took the first generation men and women; Genesis 1 man as our value, but we are most certainly not, Genesis 1 man. My dreams are vivid on this front.

We misinterpreted our presence or equation, when we said; “I AM” who or what you are, taking on an equation of another.

We did not just make a simple miscalculation; we literally took on someone elses equation, as Genesis 1 man.

It is similar to adding 2+2=5 and then taking our first calculated step into this defined reality. Thousands of years later this miscalculation is confounding our presence and potentially negating our equation.

We did not simply have a miscalculation in our equation; we are literally impersonating someone elses equation, which for us, is nearly impossible to correct.

We have a hard enough time making adjustments to our calculations, on the outskirts of our equation, never mind going back to the first sin and correcting the initial calculation, knowing that our entire equation will correct itself, and this is why we do not go back and contemplate any initial potential miscalculations.

It is not that we do not want to spend the money, time and effort on how our equation came to be. We simply do not want to know and this is why we try to bend our current calculations.

We do this for two reasons. The first is, we feel we are in control or have free will, to change or not change as we see fit, acting more like a God, than a later generation of man. The second is we are terrified at losing control of the outcome or final value of our equation or society.

The reason why we do not locate and correct our initial miscalculation, is we cannot handle the potential ramifications of an equation self-correcting and this is what will happen, as every single last calculation will correct itself all the way out to the outskirts of our equation, where we now stand.

Leaving us to ponder; will I still be standing, when all is said and done and if I am, will I have a say in which part of the calculation I will be a part of?

It is all about the potential for the loss of free will, but what we have not realized yet, is we have taken on someone elses equation, which has total free will, so we perceive free will, when in truth, there is very little, for the later generation of man.

You see we are not first Man, so we are not incorruptible and due to our equation or physical nature we are simply, programmable! We deny our nature, because we have identified ourselves incorrectly and are currently a faulty equation.

calculating 2+2=5 and accepting the initial value of 4, will equate to our first step or first truthful calculation and we will begin our journey as a later generation of man.

This will be our first step along the path of Genesis Two man.

The shear notion of what has been written terrifies me to no end as I can sense, that this needs to take place if our equation is ever to become a part of the <ONE> equation, for we have been quarantined until we can reconcile our equation.

Remember; there is no proof that we are who we say we are. This information was either provided to us, in an effort to stifle our evolution or we made it up, either way, it stifles our evolution.

2+2=5 is like a baby elephant tying itself to a stake in the ground and then when the elephant is grown, it cannot remember, it staked itself and does not yet realize it could simply pull the stake out and walk away.

We can never have everlasting life, if we continue to hold onto someone elses life.

This first step and subsequent recalculations will set us on a path that will last for one thousand years, not just for the whole equation but for every calculation along the way and I am a calculation in a gigantic equation.

I am not sure I can take this step. I have a hard enough time just writing it down, but know that the equation is real and do not wish to negate the value of our equation.

James Scott Velozo



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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