The Pope said: “we” should not breed like bunnies!

“i” was in a local pizza place last evening and there was a divorced father there, with his three small sons. How do “i” know he was divorced? “i” just know, in the same way “i’ know, “i” am not “WHOLE”.

“his” “kids” were a f…ink disaster and it was a nightmare for “him”. One was running around the restaurant, one was spilling “his” drinks and throwing stuff around and the smallest, in the high chair, was watching like a tennis match, trying to figure out which programming to adhere to.

The “fathers” face was stricken with pain and “I” could feel the disturbance to “MY” core. Just look around at the families “you” see at the malls, stores and especially the grocery stores; look at the faces of the parents carting around multiple small children.

It is a f…ing nightmare and “we” are raising a putrid product and this is what the “pope” is concerned with.

The “pope” mentions breeding like rabbits, but what “he” really wants to say is; breeding like unaware, self-aware robots.

“I” guarantee, before the end of the run time 2016, “MY” voice will be heard and “you” will hear the “pope” reference “robots”, as “they” relate to “our” “physical” presence.

When “you” accept what “i” have been told, “you” will begin to understand, that “LIFE” does not wish to root around in a basement, with no doors or windows, with no way to the upper floors; maybe the later generations of “Life” do, but not the primary generations of “LIFE” or the evolving “LIFE” lines.

The “forms” being raised (lowered) in pain, suffering, lies and ignorance are the basements these “LIVES/Lives/ lives” dwell within and is guaranteed, the “father” “i” saw, was not raising “his” “children”, “he” was suffering “his” penance;  just trying to get through the meal, without blowing “his” f…ing brains out.

Those “kids” are already damaged “product”, just like “i” was at that run time. “we” have to look around and try and understand, “LIFE/ Life/ Life” does not need anymore “bodies”, especially poorly programmed, basements or gutters, because these types of “forms” will always rule over the generation of “LIFE”.

“i” am telling you all; if “you” want to stay here, with more run time, as is (no evolution), “you” are going to have to concede to the truth.

“we” are a physical representation of Gen. 1 “MAN”, reformed (Gen.2) and inhabited by a later generation of “Man” (Old Testament “God”).

“we” are literally more “ALIVE” in the ground than “we” are above it.

“we” are, and always have been, misinterpreting “our” presence and laying waste to what “LIFE/ Life/ life” truly wants from “us”.

Breeding like f…ing robots, that do not have any idea of what is going on and then suffering the consequences of bad programming through damaged and unresponsive product.

“our” truth is harsh, because “we” were made from an extinct and dormant “LIFE” line, so “we” can sense the tragedy. “we” have “LIFE”, but the “LIFE” is separated exponentially outward and with each new expression of “form”, “we” see more “life”, but “we” are wrong.

With each newly replicated “form” there is in fact, less “LIFE” per “form”.

“we” have got it all wrong.

<GOD> is not telling “us” to replicate; “Man” is and “this “Man” has no love in “His” heart for “us”, at least none that “i” can feel, but this is probably because “i” have been separated seven, plus billion times over and “i” am feeling kind of weak.

A later generation of “Man” which wished to defect from the “LIFE” line of origin and made “us” so that “He” may persist, without <GOD>!

What “our” “LIFE” needs is a spark, which will ignite “our” evolution, bringing “us” back into the fold of <GOD>, for evolution proves <LIFE>. Many of “us” will not wish to evolve, for fear of loss of perceived “self”.

What does the “Life” which put “us” back in play need? “i” cannot comment, but sense it has something to do with the “forms” never waking up and some type of harvest which will endlessly perpetuate “Their” existence apart from <GOD>; with no evolution.

<GOD> is not telling “us” to replicate;<GOD> is telling “us” to “EVOLVE”. “Man” is telling “us” to replicate.

“i” am not trying to be a prick or conceded. “i” am just expressing what “i’ have been given.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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