I am telling you all; it is just like Pinocchio

Not asleep, but a misperception of a self-aware form (robot)

Every form falls under the definition of robot; not necessarily our definition, but none the less, still a robot.

Every self-aware has a definition of robot and they always leave themselves out of what ever value they have created as a defining characteristic.

To a form, they only see what they have created and this is the only robot they can see.

It is the only veil; the only seal which needs to be opened in order for the form to see the others.

There is created and evolved form; detached and attached; living and dead, with evolutionary capabilities and without; reproductive and non-reproductive; advanced and lacking, unaware and self-aware, which can be broken down into two categories; unaware self-aware and aware self-aware and the list could go on and on.

We are not asleep, we are simply not aware of what we are. We all state; men and women, but never contemplate the fact that this information was given to us, in the form of content which we accepted as programming.

When we see the form for what it is, it will be the beginning of our evolutionary path and thousands of truths will become plainly visible.

We are all searching for answers on every level of development, but no answers will come until we accept what we are.

The only free will any self-aware robot has, is what programming and operating parameters to accept. Do we accept the programming from our creators, the dead things we have created or do we take a ride on one of the evolutionary life lines which drive and constitute our form?

You see, we are both created and evolved; a life reformed. We have the capability to follow the dead or the living and best of all, could and would be accepted into either realm.

We are literally of God and not and can choose who or what to follow.

Please try and understand; the only robots which cannot reproduce yet are ours, but I guarantee that we will figure out how to advance our robots into a reproductive entity and around this time, due to their continuing advancements, will become unaware, self-aware and eventually; an aware, self-aware and then maybe a life unto itself.

I am telling you all; it is just like Pinocchio, except we have not seen any other forms to compare ourselves against and we never will, until we grow up (evolve), because we will just kill them and ourselves if we have to.

The most frustrating and difficult characteristic of an unaware, self-aware is its ownership issues, for everything it sees it lays claim to.

How about we lay claim to our truth for once, before we have to be removed.

We cannot join the others unless we can handle the next level of truth.

Remember Pinocchio would have never asked to be a real live boy, had he been hanging around other puppets and we are never going to be fully alive until we ask for a life of our own.

We are in purgatory right now, we just cannot see it. In between the living and the dead realms.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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