The problem we have with God

An “I” is a “LIFE”.

From the “I”, back to origination, and forward through future evolutionary expressions, is the “ONE” “LIVING” above us, below us, within us and all around us.

The preceding “LIFE” always has “LIFE” and the new branches, also.

Every generation within or without, above and below, has “LIFE” as an active part of the “ONE”.

The “form” seen in the mirror is not the same as above, below, within or without.

“we” are not, as “we” perceive “ourselves” “TO BE”.

A active “form” is instilled with “LIFE” or a power source indicating the type of “form”.

Either through the natural evolutionary process, the hand and mind of an active “Life” line or by the hand of a hand, “form” comes to be what it is, but it is never what it perceives itself to be.

“form” extends itself by its own hand and is the only way to extend its presence; the only way to continue to be, the only problem is that it cannot stay on, to be a part of the works of its own hands.

The length of time is determined by the totality of inaccurate perceptions regarding “self”.

The more “we” perceive “ourselves” “TO BE” what “GOD” is, the less time “we” have in “form”.

“we” are not “LIFE” and “we” are not “LIVING” “LIFE”, nor are “we” “LIVING”!

“we” are capable of holding “LIFE” in place and grabbing the “LIFE” around “us”, but when “we” claim to be the “LIFE” around “us” “we” negate our presence and the more “we” fight the truth, the more “we” create things to extend “our” stays.

It is a vicious cycle. The more stubborn “we” are regarding the place of “LIFE” the more nails “we” put in “our” coffin.

“our” generations do not “LIVE”, “our” creations do not last and will not save “us”.

In the end, the pinnacle of “our” intellectual capabilities and “our” drive for permanency will be to attempt to destroy “”LIFE” and to extend artificially.

“I” am here to tell “you” that “LIFE” is “GOD” all within one supreme being <GOD>.

Each evolution is an expression or new tree, with its own individuality, along with the individuality of its predecessors and the original <I>.

<GOD> is <ALIVE>

<GOD’s> expressions are “LIFE” expressed or “LIVING” expressions, but none are “ALIVE” unto “THEMSELVES” or without <GOD>.

Except for the <SON> of <GOD>.

“we” are outside this “LIVING” realm, looking in, inside this realm looking out.

Remember; a form that already perceives itself to be alive, will never ask for “LIFE” or to truly “BE” “ALIVE”.

The more frustrated “we” get searching for answers as to how to extend “our” stays, the further “we” get from <GOD>.

Eventually “we” will create something dead, to jump into, so “we” may save “ourselves”. (?)

The problem “we” have with <GOD> is that “we” may not be able to stay on, as is, we may lose something “we” take comfort in or not gain something “we” perceive “ourselves” to need.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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