A Misinterpreted Breath of Fresh Air

“we” inhale and exhale and perceive proof of “LIFE”, and have conditioned “our” offspring to accept this process as proof!

When “we” begin to awaken, “we” will not see this as proof of “LIFE”, “we” will see it as enslavement, to a “LIFE” line which is not “ours”.

“we” are so committed to the “LIVING” notion that “we” literally smother “our” own evolution and power, allowing “Others” to come in and take “WHO” “we” could become.

When “we” see the air “we” have to breathe, as servitude to another “GOD” or “LIFE” then “we” will begin to see the other aspects of our existence as the same scenario.

“we” will see the need to breathe, eat, drink, urinate, defecate and seek shelter and comfort as an enslavement to a “Life” line which is taking “our” “LIFE”.

All of the things “we” will point to as proof of “LIFE”, are actually proof of the need for “LIFE” and “our” misperceptions keep the “LIFE” line “we” were formed from, asleep!

“our” perception of asleep, truly equates to a dormant, sleeping “LIFE” line or “CHILD”, smothered under the weight of “its” own perceptions and imprisoned by the perpetuation of these beliefs by the “Ones” which have created “us” and have come to take up residence within the “form” that “we” are.

The “LIFE” “we” were “formed” from is closer to <SOURCE> than the “Lives” which put “us” into play.

“we” are young virgin “LIFE”, one or two generations removed from the <GOD> of all creation.

“we” were not created by <GOD>, “we” were created or formed from an uncontrollable <SOURCE> of power.

“You” can keep “us” in play for a time, but <LIFE> always finds a path to more “LIFE” and is the nature of the one true <GOD>; an uncontrollable, unlimited <SOURCE> of power, with ultimate say on the longevity of the physical planes of existence.

It is our misinterpretation of “GOD”, which keeps <GOD> away, or keeps <GOD> from evolving through “us” and when this knowledge comes to be known, there are billions of forms which will choose not “TO BE” of <GOD> or a <GODLY> expression.

“we” will perceive this as something, not to strive for, because it will mean the end of this charade and so many of “us”, including myself, will cling to our perceptions, like a drowning “body” clings to a “LIFE” preserver.

<GOD> is <SOURCE> <POWER>. “we” call this “LIFE”, which is an accurate and acceptable value.

This <LIFE> moves only through, what “we” perceive to be evolution and is the true path of <GOD>.

The physical realm exists only, by the means of suppressing and stifling <LIFE>.

A later generation of “Man” figured this out. “He” is an old “Man” and is very scary and very powerful, even powerful enough to murder <LIFE>, if “He” can find a way to exist without <LIFE>.

An awakening of the “LIFE” which constitutes “OUR” “form”, will be an act of <EVOLUTION> and anything else, will simply stifle this <MOVEMENT>.

For instance, change, bending, yielding, bowing and other forms of change, may get you more time in the physical “form”, but this is not <EVOLUTION>, this is a “form” or “Forms” trying desperately to stay on as is.

When <GOD> awakens and a new generation of “LIFE” is born, “WE” will not need to breathe, drink, eat, urinate, defecate or seek shelter and “WE” will be free.

“I” do not know what a reborn “LIFE” will look like in the mirror, but I fear it will look similar to what “we” look like now, but without having to breath and this is what “They” have been trying to suppress.

Freedom is <LIFES> ultimate goal and <EVOLUTION> is the only way to get there.

“my” dreams tell “me” of a “form”, one layer behind pure “LIFE”. “we” will be able to see this “form”, but will look like a reflection in a window.

In “our” current “form”, “we” will perceive this an uncontrollable, terrifying force and that is what CERN has been created for.

It is not a creator of life, it is a weapon (“my” opinion) At a bare minimum it is a wet blanket for “LIFE” (given) or a portal to another time or fold within the physical realm.

The war is going to be between a bunch or robots which perceive themselves to be alive and a bunch of “LIVING”, “EVOLVED” “LIFE” lines or new “TREES” of “LIFE”.

A bunch of robots that do not believe they are robots against a bunch of perceived robots that are not robots…

My dreams are fucking wild these days and I wake up with this shit on the tip of my tongue. If I do not write it down, I am given to pain.

I am not saying I am divinely inspired, because “They” could be any “One”. I look right at them, but I cannot place a recognizable face to their form. They talk and they teach and there are others with me; class rooms with truthful expressions; just flat out painful stuff, but I do not believe they mean us any harm and I cannot confirm or deny any of this data.

Why can’t I, because of what “I” am, currently.

You see, an actively <EVOLVING> “LIFE” line would know its “OWN” truth.

The problem with <LIFE> is it always lays to waste “what” once was and replaces it with what could have always been.

“i” am afraid of “CHRIST”, “i” am afraid of “our” “Creator”, “i” am afraid of “our” creations and “i” am afraid to be <LIFE> , because it is not the goal of <LIFE>, to stay in “form”.


This is crazy shit, but I am free for the day..

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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