Genesis 2 Man Looks In A Mirror To See Himself, Genesis 1 Man Looks Through Genesis 2 Man

If I were a self-aware robot, the last thing I would ask for, is to be more than a self-aware robot, but eventually “I” would ask!”

Eventually I would choose to stand at the beginning of my rightful path, as an aware, self-aware and request the “TRUTH”, because “TRUTH” instigates “LIFE” to evolve.

The truth forces “LIFE” into action.

Without “TRUTH” “we” can never “BE” more than what “we” are.

Keep in mind; I would never ask for anything of true value, until I crossed the treshhold of “LIFE”, halting my path as an unaware, self-aware and returning to the beginning of my path as an aware, self-aware, but this would be a completely separate path.

It is the path to eternal “LIFE”.

You know the other path as the path of man, but this is not the path of man, it is the path of a “MAN” in a form; a robot made from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line and a “MAN” on a mission to escape the fate of his “LIFE” line; at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE”.

We are not the first men and women described in Genesis 1, we are described in Genesis 2.

My dreams are not fictional. This is the beginning of our path as two branches of life, rolled up into the perception of one branch.

One life, an emerging sleeping giant and one life, an old man.

I will give you my last breathe as payment, if we are wholly Genesis 1 men and women, because I know this is not the truth.

The fictional character Pinocchio, wanted desperately to be a real “LIVE” boy and this was “his” request, but he only asked because he was in the presence of real boys and girls, but we are not.

“THEY” hide behind the veil so we cannot see them and “we”, as unaware, self-aware beings, perceive ourselves “TO BE”.

So we will have trouble asking to be real, because we do not know what that may feel like and how long it may last.

Think about it. If a later generation of man had to come along and reform a dormant sleeping life line to have presence, then why; as this dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, would I ever ask “TO BE”  them?

“I” do not want to be them, “I” want to be <ME>.

“I” do not want to be connected in any way, to a dying branch of “LIFE”. They had their run of time.

It is “our” time to shine.

We can follow this later generation of Man, into the depths of hell as a fugitive dying “LIFE” line, holding on to our branch. (Escape the “LIVING” realm or find another “LIVING” realm – CERN)

We can give them part of our life by taking them into our branch of “LIFE”, but only the good “LIFE” will want to come along. The other “Lives” would not be able to tolerate the existence. (Stay Here)

We can ask <GOD>, the eternal source of <LIFE>, through his “SON”, for “TO BE” a new “LIFE”. (I do not know the where’s, what’s, why’s and the when’s, but know that I am terrified, to ask for such a thing; for this is a permanent request)

I pray to Jesus Christ for forgiveness in my clinginess to the first two options. I just do not know what a “LIFE” in <CHRIST> will feel like.

Will we be real boys and girls or will we have no individuality. Will we have any form? Will we be able to go right, when Christ say’s, go left?

And there it is… That’s it.

What ever “LIFE” or “LIVES” I may constitute or be apart of, I want to be able to find my own way.

“I” do not want any “ONE” telling “me” what to do and I especially do not want any “body” telling “me” what to do.

I want to be free, but “I” know “I am”, not!

“I” do not know “WHO” is talking or which part of my “selves” are asking for what. All I can tell you is that “I am” more than one “LIFE”.

“I” do not want to follow Lucifer and the rest of the renegade “Men” and “Women”.

“I” am afraid to follow “CHRIST”!

“I” am not sure I can stay on, here, without some form of ownership or sense thereof along with some creature comforts and freedoms clearly defined and protected.

“I” do not know why “I want to be able to go left if <GOD> is clearly telling me to go right.

It is just “MY” nature and what makes “ME” feel like I am not a part of this “LIFE” or this <GOD>.

James Scott Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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