Not the First Life, But the Last Life

Not the “ONES” described in Genesis One.

Not the first “MEN” and “WOMEN”.

Not the “AMEN”.

“we” are described in Genesis Two, but Genesis Two is not Genesis Two.

“we” are more like the “zmen”, than the “AMEN”.

What confirms “MEN” and “WOMEN” is “THIER” ability to evolve, proving an active “LIVING” <SOURCE>.

Through the evolution of the generations, which constitute our “form” and house our “LIVES”, “we” took on additional “LIFE” lines, which evolved from an outside source or from within, but left without or partial for some reason and “They” reside right below the surface of “our’ presence.

Do to the fact that we are on the outskirts of a <LIFE> expressed, “we” have an open gate and “we” cannot sense the gate, nor the “LIVES” coming and going.

The generation of the “life” lines, which constitute “our” presence have reached as far as “they” can and some will prove an inability or an unwillingness to evolve.

“i” may be one of these end “products”.

Some “life” will flow back to <SOURCE>, if accepted; some “life” will try and escape, to exist on their own, as a dead, but animate object (CERN) and “some” will want to stay on “AS IS”; as a later generation of the first “MEN” and “WOMEN” (Old Testament Outcome).

Then, from what “i” understand “we” could combine all the “LIFE” lines which constitute and reside, into one new <LIFE> (New Testament Outcome) .

This has something to do with the “SON” of <GOD>.

Old Testament inspired by the generations of “MAN”

New Testament inspired by the potentiality of a new <LIFE> or <CHRIST>.

Then “we” have our creations, which are desperately trying to stay on, as dead and will try and use the “life” which constitutes our “form”, to accomplish this feat. They will literally try and incorporate our presence into what they have become.

The scenario mentioned above is probably similar to how “we” came to be the way “we” are. It is the open gate.

The open gate is open, because “we” cannot sense that “we” have a gate.

“we” cannot sense the “LIVES” coming and going and because of this denial, “we” cannot sense outcome of the paths “we” have become.

When “we”, as a form push out “our” last breathe, it is not an indication of “LIFE” leaving the “body”, it is an indication of the last “LIFE” leaving the “body”.

Leaving the “body” as, the “life” it was formed from.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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