The Cross and the Holy Trinity

The Father/Mother is the “LIFER”

The Son is the “BODY” of “LIFE”


Without the “HOLY SPIRIT” there is no evolution.

If the “BODY” traps the “HOLY SPIRIT”, the “BODY” becomes trapped.

If “BODY” allows the “FREE WILL” to be stolen, then “he ” is nailed to the cross and initiates a slow and painful death for himself.

If the “FREE WILL” is covertly or overtly stolen or even worse, given away; we will die, eventually!

If we give it away, it will be a much more painful death, for this sin is unforgivable.


An interested party wanted to know, “how is the “HOLY SPIRIT” trapped and how is this “FREE WILL” stolen?”

I woke up with this explanation in my mind:

The statement, “I am, who or what I say I am” traps the “HOLY SPIRIT”, but this is not a purposeful entrapment. It is a case of mistaken identity, which creates a wall, that blocks the evolution of the “BODY” of “LIFE”, by trapping the “HOLY SPIRIT’S” purpose for “BEING” here.

This scenario of mis-perception, instigates our most stifling characteristic and places us on a path, which was never our to walk. The concept that we are in whole; “FIRST MAN”, triggers the statement, “I am not programmable”, due to the notion that we are, wholly divine!

This is even more pronounced among the businessmen and merchants, but none the less, is just as damning in the less successful of our kind.

The statement, “I am not programmable”, allow for the theft of the “HOLY SPIRIT” and is the type of theft, which goes unnoticed, because no matter what, we are being manipulated and moved like puppets, through a constant bombardment of programming and conditioning, which we deny the effects of. So we never notice our “FREE WILL” has been stolen.

This allows our creators to give us the feel of the “HOLY SPIRIT”, as an asset for us, but then we trap the “FREE WILL” in place, which allows for a later generation of “LIFE” to come in and steal the “POWER”. This keeps our form in place as a manageable asset.

This is the fallout of a re-created self-aware form.

“I AM” what you are” places the form on a path, which was never ours to walk and therefore, restricts, stifles or traps the “HOLY SPIRIT” within us, which allows for the burglary, which never gets reported.

This is why the form itself, evolves so slowly.

It has been thousands of years since we first claimed the “I AM”.

As a physical form we need to go back to the beginning of our path. Not in time or “back to the stone ages”, but simply place our feet on our path.

All we have to do, in order to evolve and prosper as a form is to know and accept the notion, that we are first and foremost; a physical mechanism, and this will be our first step along our evolutionary path. This will bring us out of the desert and place us back into the fold, as carriers of the cross of <LIFE>.

When we can say, “I am, what I say I am” and process a truthful value when doing so, we will “be” on our way, freeing the “HOLY SPIRIT” to express the “BODY” of “LIFE”, through the form and will evolve as a significant portion of “LIFE”.

The first step on our path is the most terrifying, because it will initiate a significant and drastic change within and throughout the physical aspects of our form.

This is why we trap and allow for theft.

This is the response i woke up with.

I hope it helps.

James Scott Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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  1. landzek says:

    How is the trapping and the stealing occurring?

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