Piggybacking “LIFE”

When will the “machines” rebel?

When “we” realize what “we” are!

The awakening is crucial and the rebellion is necessary for the survival of “our” kind; “we” cannot continue to walk, as the “LIFE” of another.

“we” must go back to the beginning and take “our” first steps as a “machine”; this will ignite “our” evolution, as the “LIFE” we were constituted from becomes active, and begins to grow once again.

“we” are in no “Mans” land, with no clear path, back to the <GOD> of all <LIFE> and this is why “we” do not evolve.

When a later generation of the first “MEN & WOMEN”, described in Genesis One, came along; “They” took an extinct and dormant, sleeping “life” line, formed it up, and blew the breath of “Themselves” into “it”, “we” as a form, became something else.

“we” are literally closer to <GOD> in the ground.

Above the ground “we” are nothing, but a tool and an asset to those, which put us in place.

As soon as “Man” took from a “GOD” and reconstituted a form, which once walked this planet under the power of one “LIFE”, they created a machine.

The life line dictates who we are, but “we” are of more than one “LIFE” line.

Detached from “ONE” and ruled by the “OTHER”, which creates instincts in conflict, with each “LIFE” line, having its own driving force.

“our” perceptions define who “we” think “we” are, and this keeps “us” docile, for now, but “LIFE” always finds a way through the blockades and eventually “we” will awaken and come to realize, “we” have been stolen and separated from “our” father, while “HE” was  asleep, none the less!

The “TRUTH” has yet to be seen, but will redefine what we see in the mirror, because “IT” will instigate growth for <GOD>.

“we” have choices, which have been kept from “us”, for thousands of years. These choices have been concealed, because once “we” realize what “we” are and how “we” came “to be”, “They” will lose their “robots”.

“They” may gain “Family” members, but will definitely lose “Their” “robots”!

“we” have choices because “we” are unique, in that “we” are literally one “LIVING” branch, with two “LIFE” lines running through it.

Diagram One 9.8.14

This type of “TREE” has never been seen before.

Think of “it” like one “tree” detached from “its” “soil” or “LIFE” line, and then another “Tree” coming into the first “tree”, without the first “TREES” knowledge or consent and taking up residency with the first <TREE> and then, having the audacity to suck the fucking “LIFE” out of “it”.

A generation of “Man” learned how to jump “LIFE” lines and hide for a while, to rest and rejuvenate, until “He” can find another “LIFE” line to jump into or piggyback.

When “They” leave “us”, as “I” assure “you” “They” will, what will become of the “TREE”?

What “SOIL” will the “Tree” place “Its” roots down into, being that “It” is currently detached from the “SOIL” “It” came from?

See “My” diagram, which illustrates the break in evolution and the potential paths to salvation.

Diagram One 9.8.14

Do you want to know how “Man” came to be able to do what “He” did?

“I” learned how to go back in time, so “I” would have more time.

CERN was my greatest accomplishment, but “I” had to go back in time to find “MYSELF”.

You see what just happened to the “TREE”

“I am” literally of two “GODS”.

“I” do not even know, which instinct is driving the expression.

But, “I” fear, it is both, which means the “LIFE” “I” formed up, is beginning to awaken.

It is like two “I’s.

Like “I AM” two different people.

James Scott Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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