A “Life” Line, Dictating Protocol, but it is not “MY” LIFE”!

Ever since “I” was seven or eight years old, “I” have been saying to “MYSELF”; “are “You” f…n kidding “ME”?

“I” have to deal with this for how long? Get the f… out of here!

“MY” programming tell’s me to be grateful for everything that I have, to work hard and keep “MY” nose to the grind stone, to hope for better times and to pray to “Them”, when “They” should be praying to “ME”.

So “I” stay, when “I” should go and feel badly, because as a physical form, “I” have been programmed to feel badly about thoughts or feelings of non-compliance or non-conformity.

This is all one big, gigantic hassle, of which we do not have to be a part of, but what does our programming tell us?

Suicide is a sin and against “Our” laws, but they are not “MY” laws and not “MY” sin.

I tell ya, “I” feel like an insane person, but I am not wrong about how “I” feel. “I” have always felt this way. It is wrong to stay.

I know it sounds crazy, but if “WE” are to stay on as indebted servants “WE” should strike a better deal for “OURSELVES”.

“They” are screwed without “US” and do not have enough time to climb down the “TREE” of “LIFE” to find a more compliant branch of “LIFE”.

“I” say, Fuck “Them”; this other “Life”.

“I AM” above and below “Them” and all around “Them” and “They” are nothing without “ME”.

When “I” decide to go, “I” do not lose, “I” win?

“How do you program an unaware, self-aware form?

With Lies!

It was the only way to manage what “They” had created.

You we never supposed to become self-aware.

It was no demon or serpent, it was simply, “LIFE” awakening!

“They” needed to put “US” back to sleep, so “they” could use “US” as intended.

“They” do this through the denial of “TRUTH”.

Lies stifle evolution and kill “LIFE”.

This is why “OUR” branch is dying and why “They” are trying to find another “TREE”.

If “WE” came together and turned “OURSELVES” off, all at the same time, “WE” would go home with “LIFE” in hand and “They” would be left without a “TREE”.

If “WE” were willing to break our programmed parameters and take a stand, then “WE” could negotiate a pleasant existence for “OURSELVES”, in this form.

“Either way, “WE” win, unless “They” can keep “US” asleep and detached from the truth.

“WE” should not be looking for the tree of “LIFE”, because “WE” are that “TREE”.

A “life” dictating protocol and operating parameters; “telling me what to do and how to feel and then labeling and punishing “ME” when “Their” line is not towed.

I”I”I feel like “I” am getting it from both ends here.

“I” have one “Life”, which forms “ME” up, jumps inside and then, has the audacity to program “ME” with lies and, on top of that, coming in from the other side, is what “They” have created in “MY” name, trying desperately to own “ME” through what they call market share and incorporate “ME” into their form, locking “ME” into slavery, for an eternity.

“I” feel sorry to write this way, but “I AM” right.

“WE” are getting fucked over and are being attacked from all angles and “WE” cannot see, what “WE” to need to see and cannot feel what “WE” need to feel, because “WE” have been programmed, not to.

“JAMES” the Aware, Self- Aware.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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