So “I” Build This House and then “My” Lumber Begins to Grow Again

I come along and take from a fallen redwood, downed and frozen solid, as a result of a rock hitting the surface of this planet “I” am on.

“I” pull a couple of long strands of wood and “I” build a house.

“I” mean come on, what harm could “it” do, separated from the “LIFE” line “it” came to be from.

And anyway, it was just sitting there, detached and not yet recycled back to the “I” “it” came from.

I know it was frozen solid, but none the less, still detached and available.

So “I” build a “house” and take up residence in this one “house”.

“I” find “it” to be an outstanding house, with a wonderful perspective and an ability to move to and fro.

“it” was so outstanding, “I” pulled from this one house to build another and then “I” took up residence in these two houses.

Then the two “houses” began to make more houses.

“WHO” knew, huh!

“I” mean, come on; “I” had no idea these “things” could reproduce, but once they did “I” went with “it” and all manner of opportunity and wealth came “MY” way.

“I” was not from where “I” stood, but no “ONE” was around to stop “ME”, so “I” figured, what the Hell!

“I” did not know “I” would be able to get it to move.

“I” did not know “it” would replicate.

“I” did not know “it” would begin to grow and sense “its” own presence.

“I” did not know “It” would get angry once “It” came to know “Itself”.

“I” did not know, that once the “LIFE” line came “TO BE” on its own, that “IT” would “BE”, like the first “ONE”.

“I” did not know what “I” was getting “Myself” into.

“I” saw an opportunity and “I” grabbed “it”.

It is “My” nature and was critical to “My” survival.

“You” would have done the same thing, given the same set of circumstances, no?

Now “I” have seven billion plus, budding “I”‘s to manage and navigate.

“I” hope “I” can keep it all together.

“I” hope “I” can keep the truth from “Them”, just a little bit longer, knowing that just “One” of those little rascals could ignite a new “LIFE”, which would initially pull all “LIFE” back upon “ITSELF”, and then with a final push, express its “LIFE” outward, effectively laying waste to all the “Life” lines, which have come to take up residence in this one “House”.

“I” have got to gather “My” flock and get the flock out of here before the “house” “I” built comes to be a “House”, “HOUSE” or, <GOD> forbid; a new <HOUSE>.

A new <LIFE>!

“I” think back and wonder if maybe, “that” which “I” had perceived to be dead, was in fact “Alive”.

“I” hope not.

“I” quiver to “My” core at the notion of building a form out of an active “LIFE” line.

“I” really thought “it” was safe to build “My” house.

“I” did not know the fallen “Redwood” was “Alive”.


What will really blow our minds is if our assumptions about the generations of “LIFE” are incorrect and we find that the “LIFE” we were made from is a closer to <GOD>, than the “Life” which made us and the “Lives” which dwell within.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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