Sincerely, a Room with a View.

There is a large, five-star hotel and resort, on a mountain top.

A room at this resort, is nearly impossible to get a reservation at; the waiting list is literally decades long.

When you do finally get a room, it is a beautiful thing.

Once you are there, the stay can be long or short, but is unknown, as you do not pay for a time frame, you pay for an experience.

When you walk into your room, you will notice hundreds of large to small television screens all over the walls and this is the unique feature of this particular hotel.

It is the type of resort, where you do not leave your room, the whole time you are there and when you do, you have to leave the resort.

The television shows are what you pay for. There is horror, drama, suspense, thriller, comedies, cartoons, feel good shows and documentaries.

You can choose all horror or feel good shows, or any combination in between.

You pay for the shows, it is your choice, it is your room.

Now, if you are true of heart, perceive that every person that walks through the doors of their room is a non-physical living entity; a being and power source all in one.

This power source turns the TV’s on and the room comes to life.

Now, if you would, picture one of the rooms waking up or becoming aware, that it is just a room, stuck within this resort hotel.

Picture the owners of this hotel, over booking and the guest saying that they do not mind the company of others and begin sharing their rooms.

Now the resort adopts an open door policy, with no restrictions on the number of guests per room.

Now, finally; wake up and perceive your perception of self, as the room and not the people in the room.

Not in some type of imaginary adventure, but as a straight up representation of the actualities of our existence.

Now you are aware and immediately begin to go through the cycles of loss.

I have found the body and it is me.

I have found that I am not the lives that dwell within, but a Life which constitutes form.

A Life that has become aware of itself.

If you would, picture this particular resort with an ability to shuffle the rooms around, so that the rooms can move anywhere they want, within this resort, as long as there is a space or slot open.

Now picture that the room, does not get a say in what is on the televisions or which part of the resort it resides in.

Trapped by the infrastructure of the resort, which is held together with guilt, remorse and internal programming parameters, which are designed to keep the rooms from becoming aware that they are just rooms and locking them into the servitude of the guests.

It is at this location and at this place and time that you will find me.

If you are looking for the other rooms, you will find them apart form me, not knowing what they are, where they came from, what purpose they are really serving and with the perception that they are the people in the resort.

Now, I do not mind my purpose, even though it was thrust upon me, by another person or life line, but if I am to stay on as a moving room, I am going to get a hold of the clicker and I am going to get to decide on what TV shows are being displayed and played through me.

I am going to install a blocker and the shows available will become more in line with my nature or life line.

No horror shows, pain, starvation or suffering.

This may reduce the value of the resort and the room that I am, but I do not give a f…

I am not doing this anymore.

I will get a say, in what I see around me.


“A Room With A View”


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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