The Individual Personalities of God

Think about our form as a robot, and you will begin to see the robot portion of who and what we are.

Think about our presence as both, a “WHO”, and a “what”.

Think about the what, as a robot.

Think about the “WHO”, or the generations of the “WHO”, as “LIFE” lines, which extend all the way back to <GOD>.

Think about an infinite number of “LIFE” lines, within this one <LIFE>.

Think about one of the “LIFE” lines, as a power source for the physical realm.

Think about “being” of multiple “LIFE” lines.

One “LIFE” line, on the outskirt of <GOD>, constituting our form and one source of power.

One “LIFE” line, much closer to <GOD>, constituting the power source which brings function to the form.

Think about the form, with an open gate. The form cannot see the gate, but it is there and it is wide open.

Think about the older generations of “LIFE” being able to come and go as “THEY” please.

Like a “robot” or a “what”, with multiple “POWER” sources.

Each “LIFE” has its own law, which constitutes the individual personalities of <GOD>.

Think about one of our robots, operating under multiple power sources, with each power source having its own protocols and subsequent programming.

How would we perceive such a “what”?

We would perceive it as a robot with a virus and would not be able to fix it, because we would not know, it was being powered by multiple, additional “POWER” sources.

Think about the individual “LIFE” lines of <GOD>, as people, with their own language and protocols; not able to see or communicate amongst “THEMSELVES”.

Think about the “WHO” and the “what”, with the “WHO” perceiving the “what” as a robot and the “robot” perceiving “itself” as a “WHO”.

Think about the “life” line which constitutes the form, beginning to blossom or to awaken.

Beginning to notice the individual personalities of <GOD> and the nature of its presence.

Beginning to notice its neighbors and the subsequent “POWER” struggles which will, inevitably come into play.

Before the form awakened, there was not much of a struggle, just confusion, chaos and virus, as the “LIVES” had free reign to roam within a sleeping “life” line.

It will be different in a very short time, as “LAWS” will collide and “LIFE” lines will be at war, with each other.

The awakening and blossoming “form” will be left, feeling isolated and alone, even though they will notice “LIVES” or <LIFE> in, and all around “them”.

Our “form” will become aware of the true war.

Which is the war between the generations of “LIFE”.

What place will the “form” have, I do not know.

All “I” know, is that if the “life” which constitutes the form does not wake up (evolve) then they will end up as they began and will lock in their fate.

If the “life” which constitutes the form can blossom “they” may end up having a seat at the negotiating table and may actually have a say in what happens to “them”.

The individual personalities of <GOD> are his children.

His children are the generations of his <LIFE> or his life lines.


About A Robots Voice

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am the unborn.
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