One Body

Seven billion plus forms, walking, talking, processing, reacting and serving their perception of self and their individuality.

There used to be a cartoon where five separate animals would come together to make one body and this body would fight to win the battle, then would detach into their individual units again, but would always be prepared and ready to combine again, at the next sign of trouble to dash the dastardly deeds of other life forms.

Seven billion forms unwilling to take responsibility for the actions of the other parts of the body, unable to truthfully access what we are and use the power demonstrated in the cartoon to come together to destroy the enemy, which is unfortunately, a separated body.

I speak with people I know and they say, “do not worry, I don’t”, not knowing, understanding or appreciating the truth, which is that if you are not worried, when “WE” as one body should be, then I am carrying your load, regardless of whether you think I am or not.

I speak with people I know and they say, “that is not me; I am not a politician, nor a war monger, nor a banker or a plunderer or a murderer; I am none of these things and have no control over what these people do; I just do the best that I can do”, not knowing, understanding or appreciating the truth, which is that “WE” are one body, and as one body are all those things, regardless of whether you think you are or not.

“I” am a politician, a whore, a scapegoat, a slave; “I” am a king, a ruler, a minister, a priest and pastor; “I” am a war monger, a drug dealer, pimp and prostitute; “I” a banker, an insurer, a money cartel, a pharmaceutical giant; “I” am a hoarder of gold and silver, of information and technology; “I” am a promoter of wealth and power of the few over the many; “I” am a promoter of starvation and persecution; “I” am a murderer and a blackmailer; “I” am a king and a peasant.

“I” am all of these things.

The concept of separation is an illusion and a distancing of oneself from the actions of a few body parts and the subsequent fears and concerns, which come along with ownership or “BEING” needs to be, not only scuttled, but destroyed!

When “WE” are looked down upon and up upon; when we are perceived from the inside of, or the outside of, we are being perceived as “ONE BODY”; one person.

If you are not carrying your weight. I must carry it for you, for I am you. The weight does not just get set aside and placed on the floor, for there is no floor, just “ONE BODY”.

In an attempt to not carry any additional weight and detach from the other parts of the body, we will state; “we are not a cartoon character, we are not one body and “I am” not responsible for the other parts of the body.

Many will state, in a last-ditch effort; “WE” cannot bring all seven billion plus parts together” and that is true, because some of the body parts have been overcome with a plague, but we do not need all seven billion plus parts.

“WE” only need four billion to come together and the other three plus billion will scatter like bugs, because they will not come together, because their primary goal is to save the body part.

Some will come back to the body and others will not. The ones that do not will be destroyed, just like in the cartoon.

Once they are gone, the body will be whole, once again.

It will not be, “ONE BODY”, missing three billion body parts; the “BODY” will transform or evolve into “ONE NEW BODY” and then will disperse back out into the individual aspects of their whole, but in peace, righteousness and good health; not only for the part, but for the “ONE BODY”.

Please do not think that my individuality will be one of the first parts to come together, because this is not the case.

“i” will be one of the body parts that may not make it back and will be running around trying to protect my perception of “self”.

All “I” know is; if “I” can do it, then so can you.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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