Pope Francis; Can You Help Me?

One of Pope Francis’s statements below.

“When we read in Genesis the account of Creation, we risk imagining that God was a magician, with such a magic wand as to be able to do everything,” he said. “However, it was not like that. He created beings and left them to develop according to the internal laws that He gave each one, so that they would develop, and reach their fullness.”

The creation of the universe, Francis said, was not a singular event, but rather “went forward for centuries and centuries, millennia and millennia until it became what we know today.”

He is opening a door which allows us an opportunity to walk in “TRUTH” and confirms what I have been stating.

It is not evolution or creation; it is both!

The most uncomplicated, accurate explanation is; <GOD> self-expressed. What <GOD> was prior to this expression, “I” will get to later, but the Pope was wrong about it not being a singular event, because the <BIG BANG> was a singular event. It is the expansion of <SELF> which goes, on and on.

After the initial explosion of <SELF>, <LIFE> went out in all direction, as first generation “LIFE” and then all of <GODS> “LIVES” began to evolve and this is how this <GOD> moves and what “we” now perceive to be our universe.

Over millions of years “we” find “ourselves” on the outskirts of one of <HIS> <LIVES> looking for answers.

At some point along the generations of the <LIFE>, “we” dwell within, <HE> becomes distant and diluted and some of <HIS> <LIFE> lines become incapable of evolution or change and “Some” become unwilling to <EVOLVE>.

“They” just won’t and to that end, “They” had to make other arrangements.

“we” are a small part of that arrangement.

As the generations of “life” cease to be able to ignite more “life”, <GOD> reaches the limits of <HIS> expression and at that time, <HE> will draw all of the generations of “LIFE” back unto <HIMSELF>.

The later generations of “Life” which simply, do not want to change, also do not want to return to <SOURCE>.

These “Life” lines are so far away from <LIFE>, “They” do not know “Themselves” in full and perceive “Themselves” to <BE>. “Thier” sin is knowing on some level, that “They” are a part of “”SOMEONE” greater, but not caring to be an active participant of, or contributor to.

“I” understand, as “you” should, why “They” do not want to go home. If <GOD> chose to draw all <LIFE> back unto <SELF> today, how many of “our” kind would want to go <HOME>.

This is “LIFE” trying <TO BE> a <LIFE> unto <ITSELF>. To hold onto what these later generation of <LIFE> have evolved into.

<GOD> is not physical. The generations of <HIS> <LIFE> are not physical. One of the later generations of <HIS> <LIFE> created the physical realm out of dormant sleeping <LIFE> lines.

“They” began to form up the dying “branches” and found that “they” could constitute “mass” if “they” were combined and this is the physical realm that “we”, not only exist in, but are very much a part of.

So the “Man” begins to gather up all of the terminal branches of “life”; the “ones” which have reached the limits of their ability to evolve. “they” are week and have no power and as a result are susceptible to theft and misuse.

The “physical realm” began as an experiment, but “They” soon found out that these dormant, sleeping “life” lines, not only could be mass, but could also take on multiple and varied generations of “Life”.

These dormant, sleeping “life” lines became what “we” see in the mirror today and all around “us”.

A dormant, sleeping “life” formed up and then inhabited, by active “Life” lines, which constitutes a new “form” of  “life”; part dead, dying or asleep and part “Man.

Partly dead and partly “Alive”

“we” are not a direct creation of <GOD>. “we” are the fall out thereof; a mongrel breed.

When Pope Francis said; “he created beings”, this is true in part, but <God> did not create “BEINGS”, <HE> became “Beings” and “THEY” constitute the generations of <HIS> <LIFE>.

“we” constitute what can be formed up of <LIFE> and what this “form” can maintain, hold or house.

One of the biggest issues “we” have, is that “we” do not know what “we” are or why “we” are in “form” and “here”

The answers to those question will instigate the process which, will prove or disprove “LIFE”.

“we” are a combination of many types and statuses of “LIFE”.

If “we” cannot spark our sleepy “life”, then “we” will not see any doors and will continue to walk, serve and facilitate to the paths of either the “Lives” that dwell within or the creations “we” had a hand in creating.

If “we” can ignite our dormant sleeping “life” lines, while embracing the “Lives” which dwell within; a door will open and “I” believe it will be a door to everlasting “LIFE” or, new <LIFE>; probably being seen at some point, as a <BIG BANG>, by the later generations of <OUR> new <LIFE>.

“I” do not want to be a another big bang, “I” do not want to go home and certainly do not want to follow the dead creations into a perpetual state of hell.

“I” just want “TO BE”, at peace unto “MYSELF”, with one good <LIFE> to call “MY” own.

“we” are the only “ones” which can claim, to “be” of multiple generations of <LIFE>, standing as a potential new <LIFE>.

“we” are not “Man”. “we” are kind of like “Man. “we” are new man.

What <GOD> was before <HE> <SELF> expressed?

<HE> was a dormant sleeping <LIFE>, formed and entwined into something <HE> did not know.

<HE> was a dying <Branch>.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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