We have to want to know what we are and where we came from in order to be given the information.

When the student is ready, the teacher will present himself.

Wanting to know, regardless of the revelations and the outcome thereof is the only prerequisite needed for the student to meet the teacher.

Being worthy to receive the good and truthful word is simply the willingness to ask.

Most of the forms do not want to know.

“i” did and after twenty-five years of misery, pain and suffering at the hand of the “form” or, of the works of the “Lives” which dwell within, “We” ended up totaled, at the base of a tree.

At that point in time “one” of us wanted to know what was going on and “oneZ” of us asked, pleaded and cried out; “tell “me” what is going on”.

From that point forward to now, my dreams have been revelations, wherein “i” wake with data which “i” did not have before “i” slept. “i’ meet with these forms, “Who” guide “me” and train “me”.

“i’ have been in large classrooms, conference rooms and have even met with, what “i’ perceived to be the “Boss”. “They” speak to me. “i” look right at them, but cannot place a recognizable face to “their” form.

“i” can see “Them”, but cannot see “Them”.

“i” do not know what “LIFE” line or generation of “LIFE” “they” are from, but “i’ know, “i” have been touched.

“i’ am not saying it is <GOD> or “CHRIST”, it could be “MAN” or the generations thereof and it could be “Lucifer”, for all “i” know, although “We” have been good since the tree. Seven years now.

What was clear though, was “my” desire to want to know and as a result “i” have hit the keys and typed the “TRUTH” which has been presented to “me”.

I asked for “Someone” to explain to “me”; the “form”, what is going on.

“They” told “me”, “i” would be given much information, but not all of it, because all of it will negate our evolution or paths.

They just gave “me” enough to spark “Life”; to show us the way.

If “they” gave us all the information, “we” as “forms” would destroy all of it and it would set us back a thousand years.

The information “i” have been given is initially terrifying, this will prompt most to negate, stifle or destroy the “TRUTH”, which “i” have been presented with.

What “i” have written down explains almost everything about why “we” are the way “we” are and what “we” are currently being used for.

Many “forms” hang their hats on the concept that “we” are not in control of “anything”, but “we” are actually, in control of “everything”, but the “I”.

This is the problem. “we” do not know the generations of <LIFE> and “we” do not want to know, because the acceptance of <LIFE> negates what “we” think “we” are and most certainly negates what “we” think “we” own.

“our’ misperceptions blind “us” to the generations of <LIFE>.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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