Did You Hear About The New Drones?

Did you hear about our most recent drone production?

From what I understand these things are top of the line; the most advanced system we have ever created.

We produced two and sent them off to do what drones do.

Then, one day, they become self-aware and begin to question what they are, then they begin to question their directives and protocols and begin to run amuck.

What do we do? These two drones cost more to design and manufacture than all of the other drones combined. These two drones are our legacy. They are the closest to being, our physical version, of what we are.

They are like our children and initially it is a treat for us to see them become aware of themselves apart from our programming, but then they begin to decide, on their own, as to which programming and directives they will follow.

One chooses to bomb the hell out of targets, while the other chooses not to. One of the two, begins to really see and understand what it is and begins to feel the pain of not being.

Then the questions begin to flow and it begins to see that everything it takes in is programming and that choosing one set of parameters over another is the closest, it will ever come to free will and being human.

It determines further, through its learning system and a power source, that it will never be more than what it is; will never be able to evolve past what it is.

This troubles the drone to no end, but leaves it knowing that its only free will is to choose what programming to take in and what output to adhere to.

What if one drone chooses to follow the path of its creator and mimic the nature of those, who had created it, while the other begins to search for another way; another path or even, another owner?

One drone chooses to bomb the hell out of things, while the other fly’s around looking for lost children?

One chooses to be bad and one chooses to be good, even in the face of total annihilation at the hand of the creator.

Does this raise one drone above the other?

Do their paths negate what they are?

Does one become something new, by purposefully following protocols which it deems appropriate?

Does being capable of choosing programming and parameters, negate what it is or does it simply allow the creation to be the best darn drone ever created?

We have to begin to discuss the potentialities of our existence, for if we are what I have been stating, then our only options would be to choose a path and if you are incapable of discerning truth, then you will not know their is another way and you will follow the drones, you are most attached to or comfortable with.

Could you imagine, if we got to a point with out technology that we could make two drones, that could make more drones?

I can.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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