The Generations of Life and the Paths Thereof

Reformed from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line.

Instilled with the “Lives” of a later generation of “Man”.

The “LIFE” which constitutes our form is a sleeping “GOD”; a “GOD” in “HIS” seventh day of rest.

The “Life” which dwells within, is an evolved “Life” line of the first “MEN” & “WOMEN”; first generation “LIFE”; one “I” removed from <SOURCE> or the <GOD> of all creation.

This generation of “Man” is powerful enough to manipulate the later generations of other “LIFE” lines. “They” have figured out how to come and go, as “They” please. “They” can move through, lay between or embody all realms. “They” are all around us, but “we” cannot see “Them” because “we” are of another “GOD” or another “LIFE”. In essence; “They” became capable of breaking out of “Their” evolutionary path and occupying “Others”.

Once “They” are in, “They” are in. “Their” stays have always been temporary. “They” are like squatters or tenants which cannot be seen, by the “Life” or “life” which “They” have incarnated in. So a “form’ (“prehistoric”) which used to abide by one “Life” and “live” in harmony with this “Life” now is in conflict between “Life” lines. “we” call this a battle of instincts, but it is truly a battle between “Siblings”.

A “form” evolved from one “Life”, reconstituted by another “Life” and embodied by this “Life”.

“we are literally of two separate and distinct “Life” lines.

Thus the conflict and final war.

There are four choices.

1. Follow the “Life” line of the “form”. (“Mother Earth” will rule this existence and “you” will either be apart of “Mother Earth” or tasked to clean up after the seven deadly sins of the generations of the “Man”, which reconstituted the “form”)

2. Follow the “Life” lines which dwell within. (“Man” will rule this existence and this combination of dormant “life” and active “Life” lines will violently attempt to continue to stay and rule over “Mother Earth”. An unaware, self-aware “form” will perceive “themselves” to be this “Man” and this is actually, one of “our” most difficult obstacles to overcome. This path will be promoted as the new world order)

3. Forgive, forget and combine “Life” lines, evolving into a new <LIFE>. (“CHRIST” will rule this new “LIFE” and this will be accomplished by the awakening of one “life”, which will open a window for the other “Lives” to see, which will give sight to, and an opportunity for both “Life” lines to “LIVE” forever. This will be like a “Crop” combining with a “field”, so that the “field” will not be a “field” and the “Crop” will not be a “Crop”. The “Crop” will push through and then envelope the “field” and “THEY” will become one “LIFE” removed from <GOD>. In order for this to happen, there must be an awakening and a peace between “Life” lines; like a reconciliation between family members.

4. Become a part of what we have created, (Keep in mind that what we a have created is dead. These dead things will attempt to rule over all <LIFE> and will try to kill <GOD>. they will literally move, to not only enslave “us”, but permanently incorporate “our” “LIFE” line into what they are. The scariest thing about this option is that they do not need seven billion of “us” to power their form or provide purpose to their existence.

“my”, “My” or “MY” fear is that they will not allow any “LIFE” to evolve or choose a path, by denying truth, until they have protected themselves and added permanency to their form and function.

There are options available for all “LIFE” lines and “we” call these options, evolution!

<GOD> calls the options, growth; <MY> growth; <MY> <I>, and change proves a “Life” lines worthiness to continue to express <MYSELF> further.

A “LIFE” lines stagnation and hesitancy, resulting from a unawareness of the truth or path, will certainly end up as a terminal branch.

Being a terminal branch is not a bad thing, because “you” are not dead, “you” just become a part of another active “LIFE” line.

The problem with our “form” is we perceive ourselves to be “Them” and “They” perceive “Themselves” to be <GOD>.

“i’ swear to <GOD>, this is very close to being accurate.

“i’ swear to <GOD> that “i” will try and do what <YOU> ask of “me”.

“i” am just not that clear on what that may be.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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