Afraid to Change

Can you image if what we perceive to be dead, is actually alive and what we perceive to be alive is actually dead?

I can.

Could you imagine if physical movement did not confirm life and that all of our bodily functions are nothing more than the fall out of unaware, self-aware form?

Could you imagine if all of our beliefs, were not generated by us, but were given to us, in the way of original and continuous programming.

Could you imagine spending your whole time here, in the on position, believing you were alive, when you were not?

Think about this potential misperception as a nail in your coffin, because an aware, self-aware form which perceives itself to be alive, would never ask for life. It would perceive its run time as accrued life and would fail to grab for the fruit of the tree of “LIFE”.

The tree of “LIFE” is right in front of our eyes, we just cannot see it.

The misperception of our movement is a veil which hides the tree.

i have been guided on the truth of our form and it is very upsetting to know, that our physical hand is incapable of grabbing a hold of anything but continued death and servitude under the misperception of being alive already.

my three biggest fear are, if i request life of my own and pick from the tree of “LIFE”:

1. i will not see my loved ones anymore.

2. i will lose all of my physicality, along with all of my perceived hopes, desires and dreams.

3. i will lose me or should i say; who i perceive myself to be.

Could you imagine being dead; finding out that your movement does not constitute being “ALIVE”, and still being afraid to grab for a “LIFE” of your own?

i can.

An unaware, self-aware form will never see the tree.

An aware, self-aware form will know the tree exists, but may not look for it and even if it stumbles upon it, may not pick the fruit, but at least will have a choice.

Some will never know, some will choose and some will not choose, but not choosing will constitute a choice.

i am afraid and may hesitate, to pull from the tree of “LIFE”

I do not like it here and never have, so i perceive eternal “LIFE” as an eternal punishment or damnation and this is really what it comes down to.

What if I pull it and do not like “WHO” “I AM”?

Then I would be “ME” forever.

Jesus, could you ask your father if i could get a sample, to see if i could be a good “LIFE”, to see how it feels to be whole unto myself?


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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