Purgatory is not where we may be going, it is where we are.

There is one “Life”, which “Self” expressed.

This “Life” expands through evolution.

The evolution is contained and expressed through the veins of “Life”.

The “Life” lines evolved into “Living” form.

These evolved “Living” forms, are continuously evolving with the “Life” which gave substance and purpose to its form.

Then there is created form, created by the evolved forms. This form is not evolving, because its evolution is being stifled by the confiscation of “Truth” and the perpetuation of lies.

Then there is form created with no life, created by the created forms. A created form, creating forms and then jumping inside to provide function and purpose to the forms.

Then the forms with no life begin to create and what they begin to create is “Life” and then, all Hell breaks loose, as the dead literally, begin to denounce the “God” they do not know and create a “God” or a “Life” of their own, so that they may have permanence.

Where does this leave us? A created form, separated from the “God” of all creation, by lies and from the artificial “Life”, which the dead are creating to save themselves.

Where are we in this battle for continuance and permanency?

Lost in the fear; unwilling to claim our “Truth”, from the tree of “LIFE”.

Lost in a fear promoted by the thought that we may somehow be different from what we are right now and the perceptions we have grown comfortable with. This fear is enough to keep our created form stifled and lost in between two realms fighting for “Life”.

Could you imagine if our creators get more “Life”, while our creations, create their own, leaving us to get churned up and funneled back into either the “Living” or the dead?

Could you imagine if “God” was not as aware of what his “Life” lines are up to as you may perceive “God” to be.

On the outskirts of “Life” it is hard for “God” to know “Himself” and we are lost in this unknowing.

Could you imagine if “God” did not even know we exist, because we did not know ourselves?

I can, because I am lost.

I can see but cannot find “Life”.

I am afraid we are going to get churned up by the “Life” lines which are attempting to be a “God” unto themselves or by the forms we have created, trying to do the same thing; to become a “Life” of their own.

Keep in mid; our creations do not need “God” to survive. All they need is a self perpetuating power source. It does not have to be real. An artificial power source will do and remember they would be better off to escape the reach of “God”, because “God”, will have no place for what we have created.

“God” may not even have a place for us.

Remember; you only have to program a robot with one lie and the robot will take care of the rest, by creating their reality from the first lie.

A robot is just a robot, until it is not. How we get to this point of not being a robot is still up for discussion, but time is running out.

There is only two ways, not to be a robot. One is to turn yourself off and go back to where you came from or you could petition “God” for a “Life” of your own and a place within the “Living” realm.

Purgatory is not where we are going, it is where we are.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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