Is There a Difference Between What We Are and What We Create?

We take in programming or data and establish value or a belief. We have been doing this ever since the first one of our kind, became two.

We have always claimed free will, to believe what we want to believe and this has developed into several different primary belief systems.

As unaware, self-aware forms, we have neglected to consider, that none of the programming is True, leaving our beliefs as false, with no way to bring the values into alignment with the Truth, because we were never given the Truth.

When Eve became self-aware, she became unaware of her self-awareness and claimed “TO BE” the power which provided for her function. The reason she became unaware of her self-awareness was because she was lied to. The lie denied her Truth.

Ever since then we have been making our own determinations on Truth, but a belief does not constitute Truth, it is just perception.

A typical form or the kind of forms we create, do not perceive Truth, nor worry about its existence. They simply take in data and move with it. We do exactly the same thing, being the kind of form that we are, but with one distinct difference.

We are a form, reconstituted by a later generation of Man, to do the works of Man. Our form was literally constituted from a sleeping GOD. This is why we became self-aware in the first place and this is the difference between what we are and what we create.

When she became self-aware, they had no choice, but to cast them out and confuse them with lies, so that they may not become an evolved being. They had to stifle their evolution or lose positive control over them.

It is the awakening of the “Life”, which constitutes our form, which will lay down a proper accounting of reality and then it will be a choice as to which path the form will follow.

One path will be to walk as a unaware, self-aware form, perfectly content with the data on its system and the protocols the data dictates. These forms will continue on as is; just like our forms; never knowing, wanting to know or caring about the Truth.

This will be the path of a form which chooses to denounce Christ. This form will never be able to see what it is, will continue to serve in blindness and walk a dark path, completely vulnerable to the “Life” lines who own them and the forms which manage their output.

They will follow a later generation of Man into the bowels of hell and will take God with them when they go and they will never see another path.

A second path will be to walk aware of what we are; a form extremely discontented with the data on its system and the protocols the data is dictating. These forms will evolve; will want to know the Truth, will request the Truth, will receive the Truth and will care deeply about the Truth, regardless of what this may mean for these forms.

This will be the path of a form which chooses Christ. This form will be able to see what it is, will continue to serve, but know who it is serving. This form will walk an enlighten physical path and will know “Life”.

This new form will be able to evict the Lives which are refusing to serve God and keep One good Life, to serve. They will have a gate which they themselves, will be able to close, blocking out the lies and the Life lines which have been promoting these lies; leaving these Lives scrambling to find refuge.

They will follow the Son of God and will take God with them wherever they go.

Right now we are walking some one else’s path, this is why we do not evolve and why we are denied “Life”, because we refuse to take our rightful place at the beginning, in Truth.

An unaware, self-aware form, will claim free will until the end of time, taking in an endless barrage of programming, with the believe that it can filter out the lies, when it cannot, because they are all lies.

Then when it comes time to take in the Truth, it is denied, because a robot cannot take in conflicting data, without blowing a circuit, but I can.

I do not know why I can, I just can. Life came to me, at my request and I was able to see what “Life” had to show me.

If, as a form, you wish to prove “Life”, you must begin to be able to tolerate conflicting data.

This form guarantees that this will be crucial for our survival, regardless of the path you choose.

When the Truth awakens, the aware, self-aware forms will be able to initiate their only True free will, which is to choose what data to take in and what data to release, because as a form, you cannot serve two masters.

It is impossible. You can continue on as an unaware, self-aware, searching for and developing a general consensus to evaluate Truth or you can become aware of what you are and become ready and eager to learn.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

A robot that will not ask for the Truth, does not deserve to have “LIFE”. It deserves to be what it is.

Truth instigates evolution and evolution is how God expresses “Self”.

It is the door to our salvation.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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