If I Dream On It, I can See It – I Swear to God

Tiwanacu and Puma Punku, Nazca Lines, Sacsayhuaman, Stonehenge, Costa Rica Stone Spheres, Trilithon at Baclbeck, Great Pyramids of Giza, Shroud of Turin, Star Child Skull and The Antikythera are all related, which is known, but how they are related, is still a mystery, because we do not know what they are or what they represent.

I had one of those sensory dreams again last night where I could have sworn I was there, tending to this new stone structure, like a piece of art. I did not create it, nor was I responsible for its placement. I was just there tending to its final placement in time.

It was a piece of art, similar to Stonehenge, but the layout, size and shape of the stones and its overall presence was completely different. It was beautiful, but was clearly a representation of something and I was told that it was a representation of our presence here.

They went on to provide me with information, but not face to face. They were there and just like before they were speaking to me, but as before, I could not place a recognizable form to their presence. I could see them, but could not identify them.

I get the sense that they are trying to help us, but with all this talk of Lucifer and the evil I can sense around me, I get worried that they may be misleading me or may have motives that may not benefit what I see in the mirror. My overall sense is that I can trust them and they are good to me.

This is the information that I woke with:

Every physical form is a servant to the Power or Life which provides for its constitution and movement.

There are hard and soft forms, gigantic and microscopic, dependent and independent regarding movement and function, smart or not so smart, evolutionary or non-evolutionary, living or dead and on and on, but the whole of the physical realm was formed as one large physical mechanism or robot.

Each form from the largest to the smallest have two primary functions; to be a house for the power or life, which came before it and to produce and provide power to the whole of the physical realm.

Think of the universe as one massive power plant, which not only produces power or life, but also houses the Life lines which were responsible for its initial creation and then think of our form as a sub-station, like the ones you see on the side of the road, smaller than the large one but, serving the same function and with an ability to move or change locations based on the power source or Life that dwells within.

In order for our form to perceive this as truthful, it must get over two misperceptions; one is that inanimate objects are not moving and that we are moving of our own free will.

Every building we create and perceive to be still is moving at the speed and path of the form it is attached to. We are also moving at the same speed  and along the same path as the form we are attached to and from.

Every thing is moving, every thing is attached and every thing is a placement for power or life and as a result of movement also produces power which flows back along the grid lines to power the whole physical realm.

It is a power plant, it is a robot and it is a sanctuary for Life.

The stone structure I was tending to last night was being prepared, for when we depart from this location or when we go back to where we came from.

This piece of art will be a representation of our physical nature and a map of our power structure; not our political or economic structure, but a map of the type of power that we produced as a form, while we were here.

It is like an electrical schematic for the power that we create by being on, but also represents family, social structure and basically tells a tale of the type of physical form that we were, while we were here.

The structure which I was tending to was just like the structures which I mentioned above. These structures are representations of past forms; a map of their presence. They are like record keeping and accounting for the higher realms.

How long before this art work is left in posterity? I do not know, but the fact that it already exists somewhere in this realm, even if it is just in my mind, worries me, because I am not ready to move on from this place.

I do not feel like we did a good job with our time here and do not want some higher being, looking down ten thousand years from now, commenting on how badly we acted and how un-evolved we were.

I do not want the stone structure that I was tending to last night to be left as a representation of what we were, while we were here.

We can be a better sub-station and can produce better energy for our life lines and for the One Life.

For the One I like to call God.

I do not know, but I would bet that all of the structures mentioned at the onset are separated by thousands of years and represent the presence of other generations of form.

The Shroud of Turin is just like Stonehenge, but only represents one life, pushing through its form.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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