At The End of a Dying Branch

God is a self-perpetuating power source.

There are many God’s, within this one Power Source or many Lives, within this One Life.

This Source of Power is infinite and evolves as it expands; constituting, the Whole of the Living Realm.

As the One Life self-expressed, many first generation Lives came To Be. As these first generation Lives evolve, they fracture into additional Life Lines. Each Life line being unique unto itself, but holding the virtues of the One Life and the Life Line it had evolved from.

This results in the generations of Life and constitutes the Living Realm or the One which cannot be comprehended.

When a Life line ceases to be capable of, or willing to evolve, it becomes a dormant Life and a potentially terminal end to a Life line.

When all of the Life Lines cease to evolve, God will call all Life back unto Self and begin anew as God sees fit.

We were made from one of these later generation, sleeping life lines and instilled with the Life of an active Life line, desperately trying to abstain from the whole Life from which They came, in an attempt to become Whole unto Themselves.

We were not made by God.

We were formed of God.

We are not Genesis One; We are Genesis Two.

If this dormant Life line, which constitutes our form, rekindles or sparks its life and evolves; many things will happen.

First off, it will immediately sense the active Life lines, which dwell within and their will be a battle for power and purpose.

Many options will unfold, due to the awakening of our kind and many truths will be revealed.

Our kind, being; a form derived and constituted from a once sleeping life line, then instilled with the Life of Others.

This Other Life line is our creator. They not only made us, but took up residence within us.

We are literally of, two separate and unique life lines, at a bare minimum

A hybrid being.

There is only One tree of Life, but many branches and many buds.

We will have to choose a branch.

No One can evolve along two Life lines.

You can exist and function along two branches, but can only evolve along One.

No generation of Life can walk two paths or serve two Life lines.

We will have to choose between branches or choose to combine the two branches into One new branch of Life.

I just do not know, if it will be on the same tree.

All three option scare me, because I am of two branches and do not want to give up one, over the other and do not know what a new Life may feel like.

So, I guess there is fourth option; to stay on as is at the end of a dying branch, hoping the branch will not fall away for a time.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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