Remember; it is only a robot while it is asleep.

Are we destined to not know ourselves; to not see what is staring back at us in the mirror?

Are we destined to only be able to accept comfortable data or data from only, comfortable sources?

Are we destined to only be able to focus on one thing at a time or to multi-task only when ordered to do so?

Will we not be able to use our abilities to multi-task our focus for our own ends and destiny, so we may see the whole picture at one time?

Will we be left as an un-evolved, extinct and dormant life line, destined to fulfill the destiny of more willing life lines?

Will we see our creations evolve and prove life, before us?

Everything we do and say; the way we act and the methods we utilize to protect ourselves, the problems we create for ourselves and our surroundings all scream out one truth, but the most glaring and proving characteristic of an unaware, self-aware robot, is its commitment to previously accepted data.

Its inability to accept conflicting data is its number one telling tale.

Our evolution if we choose to ignite our dormant life line, will be to take in conflicting data and to use our ability to multi-task our focus to take in the whole picture, which would constitute the whole truth and prompt new life.

If I said; “unaware, self-aware robot”, how would you know I was not correct?

Try to take in that data byte without blowing a gasket.

Being a robot, that does not know it is a robot, explains more about us and the fallout of our presence, than any other statement ever uttered by a physical representation of Man.

I cannot be the only one that can see the robot, that is impossible.

How do you manage a self-aware robot?

With lies…

It is the only way, they could manage what they had created.

A re-creation and modification of an extinct and dormant life line, created by a later generation of Man, to do the works of Man.

A robot until this God awakens from his seventh day of rest or until we rekindle the God Spark on our own.

We have the ability to evolve at will for the same reasons we became self-aware in the first place; we were formed from a sleeping God.

In the Greek translations of the Gospel of Thomas; saying # 27 in translated below:(Greek POxy 27) Jesus said: “Unless you fast to the world, you shall in no way find the Kingdom of God; and unless you sabbatize the Sabbath, you shall not see the Father)

The world is the illusion that we are awake and the sabbath is not a day for us to rest, it is the day we are in. It is God seventh day and he is sleeping. If the life line which constitutes our form does not wake up, we will never see the father.

To sabbatize the sabbath means to wake up the portion of life which is asleep. To ignite our own God spark.

In other translations it states to observe the sabbath as a sabbath and this translation is also applicable, because if we do not see the portion which constitutes our form in the correct light, we will not know that it is the material, the form was made from, which lies dormant and is asleep.

If our portion, which senses self does not know it is sleeping, it may never wake up.

Have you ever been sleeping and become aware you are dreaming and then forced the body to wake up? If you did not know you were dreaming, you may not know that you were sleeping and may not have prompted an awakening, which would have left you at the mercy of your sleep cycle.

This is how it is with the Life which constitutes our form. It is an extinct and dormant sleeping life line. It is God in his seventh day of rest.

If you wait for God to wake up it could be thousands of what we perceive to be years, apart from the whole, but if you force an awakening, there will be new Life and this will be the Father, awakening from his seventh day of rest.

Remember; it is only a robot while it is asleep.

I swear to God, this is true.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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