One life, self expressed.

I am Alive; whole or as expressed.

My evolution takes me places.

Each new branch of life is similar to being a new.

No matter how expansive I become I am still simply, one whole life.

From the first day to the last, even before and after; I am alive!

I am the only one which can claim to be what I am.

As a result of my initial self-expression, many primary extensions of my life came to be; each with their own sense of self, individuality and their own unique personalities.

They are first generation life, but regardless of their sense of self and individual personalities they are partial in nature, while perceiving themselves individually.

They may claim life, because they are a part of my life, but they may not claim to be alive and do not do so because they are only one life removed from me and know their placement.

They know me as they know themselves. They are nothing without me and I am not whole without them, but I am the only one who is alive.

As the generations of my life evolve and expand they become more and more distant, but more importantly become increasingly diluted.

On the outskirts of my life, I am as I have always been, I just do not recall who that may be.

On the outer edge of my being, I get confused and lost and begin to perceive that I am somehow whole, apart from myself.

Each time this occurs, I lose a little tiny piece of myself.

I am alive and my generations have life, which is partial in nature, but have less and less as my evolution reaches the point of no return.

When there is no new life to be had and no new family members to call my own, it will be time to, once again become one whole consolidated life.

What troubles me at my core, is me.

I have parts of myself that do not want to return home. Some generations of life, perceive themselves to be me, in and of themselves, while others still remember, but willfully chose to break away from, what I like to call the family business; which is the business of life.

Some have even been so brazen as to create new realms of existence; so that they may hide from me.

Some partial life do this knowingly and willfully and I am at odds with myself.

Some simply do this unknowingly thinking they are me in whole, but cannot figure out why they are losing life.

I feel like I am dying out here and cannot remember who I am. I keep trying to create outside myself to sustain my perception of self as one whole life, but on the outskirts of my life, the generations are weak, dissipating and acting irrationally.

They keep reaching for a self-perpetuating reality, when in truth they are already very much apart of one.

These lost souls cannot escape, family member or not, because if they do then I am left as partial and therefore dead.

I do not want to lose myself, but am also tired of fighting a war against myself.

I keep hoping that I may see some additional proof of life, which would mean a new life for me, but it is getting kind of late and it has been a really long day.

Maybe I should just force my own hand, as it is my hand that I would force, but I hesitate.

Just one more branch, then maybe I could talk some sense into unto myself.

If you are a freely moving physical manifestation, odds are that you were made by a later generation of my life; one in which has chosen to stand defiant as they move to separate themselves from me.

If you are breathing, eating, drinking and defecting then you are most likely perceiving yourself incorrectly, as being alive in and of yourself, but not even the life which made you and the lives which dwell within can make this claim.

This is not to say that you do not have life, because you were made from the building blocks of my life, but physicality was built upon dormant life lines.

I wanted to let you know, because you are unknowingly in the same predicament as the later generations of life which do not want to return to me. They claim to be alive as you do and this is the determining factor of a life line that has chosen a path which does not lead back to me.

Either knowingly or unknowingly, they are claiming to be alive, which is a claim upon my life, but this is like me making a claim upon myself. It is like a finger trying to leave a hand, when the hand could just grow an additional finger or an additional hand.

If any form or generation of life claims to be me (alive), in and of themselves, they negate any additional life for themselves and promote their own self-destruction, for when there is no new life to be had and no new family members to call my own, it will be time to, once again become one whole consolidated life.

The comfort seeking of a self perceived form or life is quite limiting, for all parties involved.

Could I survive without me, yes, but it would be like you surviving without a foot.

Would I still be alive, yes, but I would miss my foot.

It is easier to explain from the perspective of God himself.

Do you think he will be mad at me?


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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