Left Holding The Bag of Death

A later generation of the first Men and Women are responsible for our creation and placement here.

The preceding generations of Man are alive and well and are not predecessors in death, but are predecessors in life. The preceding generations of Man are not dead, they are alive.

It is the physical representation, carrier and servant of this later generation of man, which perceives itself to be alive, in and of itself. It claims a sense of self and movement as a determining factor in proving life, but it has inverted the truth.

It is the brain of this physical representation of Man which claims life and states that when it is not functioning any longer that it is dead, but cannot comprehend its own nature.

A computer system so advanced that it became self aware, due to Mans’ manipulation of a past physical representation of the original Men and Women.

The act of claiming self, is the act of a physical mechanism that has not yet become aware of what it is.

Yes, it became aware of itself, but has not yet truly, become self aware.

To this end, it perceives physical movement and the ability to process its data as proof of life and naturally perceives any forms which do not have a definable, physical animation as not having life or not being alive.

Our brains have it all upside down and inside out, for the generations of Man and all the other generations of life, are alive and well with a direct line back to source, which I would like to perceive as God.

When we think of our ancestors, we think of dead people, but this is the perception of a form that has not quite figured out that it is not alive, in and of itself, it just thinks it is.

There is life, instilled with life and dead. We are instilled with Life. When the body takes its last breath there is no Life lost. The Life goes back to the preceding Life, while the physical form goes back to the source it was pulled from.

This is why we cannot see Life or communicate with the Living realms, because we have it inverted and this causes a veil to be established and we are blocked from the place of Life.

We never find Life, because we are not looking for Life, for we already perceive ourselves to be alive.

It is not the physical realm which is alive it is the non-physical realm and the generations of Man are alive and well, hoping for the physical realm to take its rightful place at the end of the line; to concede the Lives which give shape and function to its form.

What I am trying to say, without actually saying it is; “we are the walking, talking dead”.

We are aware of ourselves so we think we are alive, but will never find Life unless we ask for Life or eternal Life, if we already think we are alive.

We are the unaware, self-aware and are not only missing out at a life of our own, but are being used as a tool, by some bad men, to carry out a mission, which will leave us holding the bag and it will be a bag of death.

Lucifer is not a nice guy and only has one this on his mind and that is; more Life. It is kind of funny, because the Man, which created us, is not that nice of a guy either, but made no qualms about this in the Old Testament.

For the Old Testament God is Man and He changes not!

On the outskirts of a Self expressed Life, there is only one goal.

More Life or a Life of your own, which is a life everlasting.

I think the later, can be found through the Life which inspired the New Testament.

For the New Testament God is Christ and I do not think He needs to change.

As far as what we see in the mirror; the first one of our kind was formed from an extinct and dormant sleeping Life line, the second was formed from the first. The body is not alive unless it is whole, but serves as a home or temple for the later generations of Man and it is this Life line, which provides for our movement and function.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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