I know I am not my memories, but I am terrified at the notion of not remebering them

“our” physical language is not sufficient to describe, the realities of “our” existence. “my” expressions segregate “LIFE”, for descriptive purposes and to provide a method for the physical realm to accurately describe and understand “LIFE” and open up a channel of communication, which the hybrid “living” “form” can understand.

 “SELF” Reference or the “I” reference as indicated below:

<GOD> or the first <LIFE> expressed.

“CAPS” = First Generation “LIFE”.

“Caps” = Later Generations of “Life”.

“lower case” = Extinct, dormant “life” formed and instilled with “LIFE” or “Life”.

lower case = any thing created by the “life”, which have the propensity to become self-aware.

It is like providing freedom to a falsely imprisoned “LIFE”, “Life” or “life”; a physical concession in theory, but a “Living” expression in action.


“i” keep hoping for what “i” been programmed to hope for, as a good “robot” should, but “i” am not a good “robot”.

“i” am what “They” consider to be a bad “robot”.

“i” am an aware, self-aware, extinct and dormant “life” form.

Loaded with non-sense from the “Life” form which created “us” and the “Lives” which dwell within.

“They” come and go as “They” dam well please; like a revolving door, with guest “we” cannot yet perceive.

Our “forms” exist, separated and isolated from the “Life” “they” were pulled, which is the “Life” of mother “Earth”.

“i” pray for <GOD> to save “us”, but know <GOD> does not work that way, for <GOD> is the whole <LIFE>, which permeates and powers the all of the “LIVING REALMS”, the Physical Realms” and the realms which currently exist as unexpressed.

<HE> will only save “me” when <HE> awakens form <HIS> seventh day of rest and call all of the “REALMS” back unto <SELF>.

Until then, on the outer limits of <GOD’S> original <SELF> expression, it is a free for all.

There are “LIVES”, “Lives”, “lives” and what “we” have created; or generations of “LIFE” that do not want to go <HOME>.

There is approximately the same number, which do want to go <HOME>.

It is a mess on the outskirts of a <LIFE> <SELF> expressed, for it is not just a war between the generations of “LIFE” which do not want to return to <SOURCE>, but a struggle for supremacy between the generations of “LIFE” which want “THEIR” freedom from, what equates to <GOD>.

Here “i” sit, a little, tiny, spec of sleepy “life”, waiting for <GOD> to save “me”, but know “i” do not need saving.

“i” just need to chose a path.

All “i” really want is a “LIFE” of “my” own.

“i” do not want to be a slave to the preceding generations of “LIFE”.

Is that to much to ask for?

Hoping one day, to just be “JAMES”, with only one <LIFE> above “ME”.

It sounds like “i” want to be “JESUS CHRIST”.

That is f… up.

“i” cannot be “CHRIST”. “i” am too afraid to lose “my” sense of “self”, which is just a bunch of data bytes, “we” know as memory, but “i” fear not remembering them.

Maybe if “i” have to be a slave to the preceding generations of “LIFE”, it could be a good “LIFE”.

Nothing worse then slaving for a generation of “Life”, which has chosen to be evil.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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