Lazy Man or Bad Slave?

Form, any form, is by its shear nature, a slave to what ever hand prompts its movement or service.

At least with the African-American slaves, they could see who was whipping them.

In truth; the perceived owners of these slaves were also slaves, they just did not perceive themselves to be and provided, for themselves the illusion that they were not, even though after services rendered, they went back to the form, from which they were derived.

“LIFE” is a real bitch, for we cannot see “LIFE”. Our senses are not fully capable of picking it up in a truthful context and because of this lack of perception, the “form” is misinterpreting itself to be the “LIFE”, when in truth, it is just a “slave” to the power source which moves it.

“our” perceptions limit our capability to properly identify truth. We perceive everything according to the information we have been provided with, which has been reduced as a tool to solidify the illusion of freedom.

“we” perceive free will, but are being pulled and prodded along a path, which leads to a terminal state of slavery.

Free will is just an illusion.

If “i” were truly free, “i” would be on a beach somewhere, sippin on a cold bottle of water, getting ready to go for a run, but “i” am not there, “i” am here, stuck in a box, with a window, as “i” am a fairly well taken care of slave.

“i” have always felt this way. I have always seen things contrary to the populace and always felt like some kind of loser, but in truth, “i’ am just a bad slave.

When “we” begin to see the “slave”, we will begin to ask questions like:

1. What makes a good slave good and a bad slave bad?

2. How do “we” determine who our master is?

3. Can “we” chose a new owner?

4. Can “we” negotiate, on our own behaves, a continued service contract?

5. Can “we” begin to perceive that our rulers are already doing, just that.

6. Can “we” begin to sense the truth and understand that “they” are going to cut a deal that benefits them and their families above the rest of us.

7. Can “we” begin to accept the actualities of a “forms” existence, as always having an master.

8. Can “we” begin to see that a form has very few options for advancement.

Can we at least agree, that if the African American slaves could not sense their slavery, due to a lack of perception and understanding, that they would still be slaves, to the same owners.

“me”, “i” am a four day a week, six hour a day, eight weeks off a year, with complete freedom to come and go anywhere “i” please, outside of slave time, kind of slave.

“i” do not mind being a slave, but come on, give me a fucking break will ya. “YOU” know “i” am self-aware right?

Does this make me a lazy man or a bad slave?


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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