The “LIVING” Language

“our” physical language is not sufficient to describe the realities of “our” existence. “my” expressions segregate “LIFE”, for descriptive purposes and to provide a method for the “physical realm” to accurately describe and understand “LIFE” and to hopefully, open up a channel of communication, which the hybrid “living” “form” can understand.

 “SELF” Reference or the “I” reference as indicated below:

“CAPS” = First Generation “LIFE”.

“Caps” = Later Generations of “Life”.

“lower case” = Extinct, dormant “life” formed and instilled with “LIFE” or a later generation of “Life” OR both!

lower case = any thing created by the hybrid “living” “form”, which have the capability to become self-aware.

“my” “self” expression

“i” am going to begin by segregating the “holy bible” into its rightful form.

Old Testament Genesis 1 explains the creation of the “Physical Realm” in which “we” exist.

It describes the manifestation of the first dependent and independent, freely moving “forms”.

It also describes the manifestation of the first “Men” and “Women”, which were also, created in the image of “GOD”, as androgynous, non-physical “Life”.

Genesis One also describes how “They” were given ownership of the “Physical Realm” in which “They” were active part of.

Now, with all due respect and consideration and with all perception aside; physically tear out Genesis One, up to the middle of Genesis Two verse four, as depicted below:

​Genesis 2-4: These are the generations of the “Heavens” and of the “Earth” when “They” were created. (Period – End of Genesis One) (Beginning – Genesis Two) In the day that the “Lord God” re-made the “Earth” and the “Heavens”. (Revised the “Earth” and the “Heavens” and begins to explain “our” genesis)

From what is currently, the middle of Genesis Two verse four on, explains how a later generation of the first “MEN” and “WOMEN” recreated or revised the “Earth”.

The first “MEN” and “WOMEN” are not referenced in what has been given to “us”. “THEY” are a direct result of “GODS” original “SELF” expression or the “BIG BANG”.

The true explanation of the generations of “MAN” lie hidden behind our sleepy “i”. Almost all of the information is prior to what “we” call Genesis One and in between what “we” currently refer to as Genesis Two, up to the middle of verse four.

The “Lord God”, is the leader or primary “Life” of a later generation of “MAN” and is responsible for what “we” see in the mirror.

The remainder of the Old Testament is “MAN” speaking to “Man” or “LIFE” speaking to “Life”.

It is not “God” speaking to the “forms” and is certainly not “GOD” speaking to “us”, because we do not yet understand the “LIVING” language.

It is the “forms” interpretation of a “LIVING” language, which is obviously a physical representation of truth, which is lacking evolution or “LIFE”.

The information missing before Genesis One constitute the generations of “MEN” and “WOMEN”. Genesis One verse 26 – 29 represent how “THEY” came to take “THEIR” places in the “Physical Realm”, as a power source for prehistoric “Man”.

The information missing from Genesis One verse 26 – 29, to the middle of verse four Genesis Two constitute the generations of the “Man”, responsible for the revisions to the “Physical Realm” and “our” physical “form”.

“Man” has withheld this information from “us” for one major reason: manageability!

As far as “we” are concerned; there is a clear beginning and ending to the Old Testament, but we have been left uninformed and have been unable to comprehend the “LIVING” language, which is actually two different languages. One is the language of the “LIFE” “we” were made from and the “Other”, the “Lives” which dwell within.

“we” are missing the beginning, middle and are misinterpreting the ending.

The expression above, explains the Old Testament, what has been withheld from us and why!


Now, with all due respect and consideration and with all perception aside, separate Old Testament from the New Testament, for “they” are of two separate “SOURCES”; one from a “Source” of “Life” and one from a “LIFE” “SOURCE”, unto “HIMSELF”.

The New Testament explains the manifestation of the “LIVING CHRIST” and the potentiality of the “forms”, unto “themselves”, becoming “Alive” through “CHRIST”.

The “forms” perceive “CHRIST” to have been born in a manger, but the “LIFE” of “CHRIST” was not born in a physical manger.

“CHRIST” was born on the cross, as the “SON” of “GOD”; not the son of a “God” or the son of “MAN”, but as a new “LIFE”, unto himself.

A “LIFE” similar to the first “MEN” and “WOMEN” and “THEIR” evolutionary generations, BUT “WHOLE” in nature apart from “GOD” or the “WHOLE” “LIFE”, if this representation is more comfortable for “you”.

The New Testament is, “LIFE” speaking to “LIFE”.

It is not “JESUS CHRIST” speaking to the “forms”, because the “forms” cannot see the “LIFE” of “CHRIST”, nor properly interpret the “LIVING” language of this new “LIFE”, “they” cannot even interpret the language of the “Lives” which dwell within, which are the generations of “MAN”, never mind a language of a “LIFE”, foreign to the “forms”.

“we” were created by the first, real “Life” “Son” of a “BITCH”.

“we” are misinterpreting the beginning, the ending and the “Offering”.

There is no beginning yet, because we have not taken “our” rightful places in the beginning; which begins in the middle of verse 4, Genesis 2 in the Old Testament.

The ending will be a choice, which “we” are currently unaware of because “we” perceive the bible inaccurately. It will be a choice between the “SON” of “GOD” and the “Son” of “MAN” and “THEIR/Their” offerings are completely different.

(18) The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be.”

Jesus said, “Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death.”

The offering of “CHRIST” is a “Living” offering and is non-physical.

The offering of “Man” is similar to what we have grown accustomed to, except with fewer “people” and a significantly withdrawn free will.

The “form” that “i” am currently, fears both, “LIFE” & “Life”, because it has been separated and isolated as a “form”, apart from the “WHOLE” or “Whole” and cannot yet distinguish between what this “LIFE” wants (New Testament) or what the later “Life” wants (Old Testament).


“my” dreams are very difficult to interpret.

The language of “LIFE” & “Life” are very difficult for the “forms” to comprehend, for three reasons:

  1. The “form” is not an active “LIFE” or “Life” line, but a dormant “life” line.
  2. It is not “alive”, like it perceives itself to be and will never ask for something “it” already perceives “itself” to own.
  3. It is the perception of “LIFE” or “Life”, which veils the “Life” of the Old Testament and the “LIFE” of the New Testament.

The “forms” cannot understand “LIFE” or “Life”, because they are not looking for either.

The “forms” have not yet accepted “their” status and this is why we cannot understand the “LIVING” language.

There will be no beginning for “our” dormant nature until “we” take our places at the beginning of “our” evolutionary path, as a “physical” re-creation of a later generation of the first “MEN” and “WOMEN”.

“our” “form” is extremely powerful, but “we” do not know that yet, because “we” are confused about the placement of “LIFE”.

“i” could probably work up a good analogy from Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on First”, but will leave that for another day.

“i” cannot express upon “you” enough, how important it is to begin this learning process.

Our creations are on a war path to intercede the offerings from the “LIVING” / “Living” realms, because neither the “Old Testament” or the “NEW TESTAMENT” provide for their continued existence and believe “Me”, they have taken offense with this determination.

As “we” all know, trying to communicate with “someone” who does not speak your language is nearly impossible, without facial expression and movement.

To understand the “LIVING” language you must know the language in full, because “LIFE” or “Life” does not have a physical form “we” can perceive, but this perception will come after “we” master the language.

Mastery of the “LIVING” or “Living” language will actually be very easy for “us”, because it will be given to us, programmed right on to our physical system, once we chose a path.

Once “we” ask for “LIFE”, “Life”, “life” or death, as an active part of our creations.

This is offered as a representation of what “my” dreams leave me with.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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