The System

I am an active member of AA and have been sober for nearly seven years. Most people would read and have a general sense, that AA works and it does, but I came into AA at twenty-eight years old and for sixteen years or so, continued to live an impoverished existence; spiritually, emotionally and financially. Most would also agree or have a general sense; AA did not work for me, during that time period.

Statistically speaking, only a very low percentage of people come to AA and stop drinking. Some folks come and go for years, decades even, before they stop drinking for good, but for most, it does not work at all and people suffer and then die.

There are no clear cut statistics on AA’s success rate, but if you include all that are lost or never make it through the doors, it is below ten percent. Most reasonable active AA members would agree with this assessment. So AA does not work over ninety percent of the time.

AA is not all inclusive and does not grab a hold of everyone. It does not work for everyone. It is just a system in place, which is broadly regarded, as the best we have to offer.

There are many people in AA that I respect, appreciate and honor. They are friends and have helped me find my way. I do not want to do anything that may reduce their spiritual, emotional and financial well being, but we have to talk about the system.

The ones that have been successful in the system, either from the first time they entered or through an extreme amount of hard work, pain and struggle, have the perception that “AA works just fine”, regardless of the statistics. The claim is simple; the system worked for me, so it can work for anyone, even though we know that is not truly accurate. It is a stance.

The stance is held in an extremely defensive position; even hostile! There are many physical and mental dynamics at work in this defensive stance:

The first driving force is fear; “please do not touch the AA system, because it works for me”. “I am very comfortable and do not want to do anything that may disrupt my comfort”.

It is an extremely terrifying notion to those who have worked long and hard and who have been able to use the system in place to become successful. It is even more terrifying to those who did not have to work hard to stay sober.

The ones I like to say; “were born into the system”, because of the underlying knowledge, that they did not have to do anything to be successful; almost like it was given to them.

The second driving force is separation, which is the driving force of our hierarchical system; “If I work harder and put more time in, then I should be better off than those, who do not”. That is a reasonable assessment, but what of the ones born into success, should they not, also be below you?

There is a mindset; “I should be able to see someone beneath me”. It is not a spoken word. It is hidden in our design and is one of the underlying forces which keep the current system in place. It is the perception; “if everyone is successful, then my success is not as valuable”.

Either of these forces, by themselves could keep any system in place, but put them together and they are like a pyramid and will last for thousands of years and this is only two driving forces; there are hundreds of underlying causes to our aversion to change, but the old adage; “don’t fix it, if it is not broken” is not applicable in this day and age; you cannot hang your hat on that adage, because the system is broken and that cannot be denied. It has always been broken. The hierarchical existence does not work.

It does not work for the masses. It only works for those who have been fortunate enough to push through programmed walls or for the ones born into or above the system.

My perception is you either have to get rid of the masses or change the system. Why would you want to see someone suffer? We put animals down, don’t we? I know it is inherent in our nature, to always have someone beneath us, but you can still see it, can’t you?

If all the people who suffer are removed and the successful ones are the only ones left, how will you feel about your success?

If all the people who suffer were allowed to stay and were all simply given total, financial security, how will you feel about your hard earned financial security?

What if I told you, true wealth was not in shortage and the perception that somehow, it was a finite item, was prompted and promoted by the ones who were given financial security from birth?

What if I told you there was more wealth hidden, than is shown; more than enough wealth for every last person on this planet, millions of times over?

Would you want everyone to be financially successful?

The ones which need to be removed are not the ones who suffer; the masses, but are the ones which hide the wealth. There is a price to be paid, for those who deny financial security, so they may have it all.

The ones who worked so very hard to obtain their financial security are the ones who will guide and nurse the past sufferers into a comfortable wealthy existence? They have shown themselves capable of rising above systems which others could not rise above.

They have shown themselves worthy to lead. They are to be the rulers over the newly spared masses.

The alternative to this is for the ones who suffer to be removed. The ones who hide the wealth to be left exactly as they are right now and the ones who worked so very hard to establish financial security to be left, with no one beneath them.

Me, I do not care if everyone is wealthy. I do not care if financial security is given to all which suffer. It does not devalue my accomplishments, it raises my value in God’s “I”.

I am just a simple low level grunt, trying to get the good and decent people to take care of the ones which the system cannot reach. I am tired of all the suffering and know in my heart that it is not God’s way, but the way of the ones who conceal the wealth; it is the way of our creator.

How do you feel about what I have just expressed to you?

Are we so fearful we cannot tolerate an all inclusive system? Are we so comfortable looking down, that we cannot tolerate a level playing surface?

How will you all feel if the sufferers have to be put down?

I have a feeling that you will not feel so good about your hard earned financial security.

I apologize upfront to those who are doing well in this system and understand your angst, BUT we have to talk about this system! We have to discuss the wealth which is stolen and hidden from, even you.

Remember, paper is not wealth and at any time the privileged can make what you have in the bank, worthless!

Is this truly the best you have to offer? Without your support, the masses will need to be removed and you will be left with the rulers who hide the wealth, with no one beneath you to look down upon.

It will be at this point in time that you will finally perceive your slavery.

This is the content which my dreams leave me with.

I swear to you, this content is truthful.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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