God made Jesus, God

II: Coptic Gospel of Thomas – Translations by: Thomas O. Lambdin (Coptic version)

(30) Jesus said, “Where there are three gods, they are gods. Where there are two or one, I am with him.”

III: Fragments of Greek Gospel of Thomas – Translations by: B.P Grenfell & A.S. Hunt (Greek Fragments), Bentley Layton (Greek Fragments)

30 Jesus said: “Where there are [two, they are not] without God, and when there is one alone, [I say,] I am with him. Raise the stone, and there you will find me; cleave the wood, and there I am.”

As a result of “GODS” original “SELF” expression, “MAN” came “TO BE”, as described in Genesis One. This “MAN” is first generation “LIFE”, but is not “ALIVE”, without “GOD”. “HE” is part of the “WHOLE” “I” and “godly” in nature.

As a result of a separate expression the “LIVING JESUS” came “TO BE” a “LIFE” of “HIS” own.  A “GOD” unto “HIMSELF”. “HE” “LIVES”, as “GOD” “LIVES”.

“GOD” gave “HIS” “SON”, “HIS” “OWN” “LIFE”.

It is like “GOD” gave his “SON” the family business and the family business, is the business of “LIFE”. “GOD” is still around, but if it is business related, you must deal with “HIS” “SON”.

“MAN” is still “MAN” and godly in nature. “HE” “LIVES” in the upper echelons of the family business, but one day, “HE” created “life” outside the business; a “Son”.

It is the “Son” of this “MAN”, who’s “children” have gone astray and sometimes, no matter how much you love your “children”, you just cannot seem to handle “them”, nor save “them”, not by “Yourself”.

This is why “GOD” brought in “HIS” “SON” and gave “HIS” “SON”, “HIS” own “LIFE”.

Sometimes in order to handle a troubled “child”, you must bring in “SOMEONE” “WHO” is not emotionally attached.

Because the “LIVING JESUS” is both, a part of and apart from, the “LIVING GOD”, he can and will tend to these “children”, one way or the other and will not lose any sleep (“LIFE”) over it.

It had “TO BE” done. The family business was suffering, because these troubled “lives” were operating outside the framework of the original business model and on top of that, were stealing business. It was not good and had to be handled.

So “GOD” brought in “HIS” “SON” to clean it up and get all the “LIFE” back under “ONE” roof.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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